Friday, July 1, 2011

You must hear this story:)! To see the power of one small word of really believing in someone!What a power it has!!


  1. Great story! Wow!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome story! Great to hear it and see it again!:) He has such an amazing message to give over- that anyone can really do what he did! All he did was show someone that they are important, and he believed in him so strongly which made him turn his entire life around!!! The power of believing in another person and showing them that they really make a difference is sooo important and can literally change people's lives for the better!:) Thanks so much for sharing Chaya Sara!!! Keep on sharing all these amazing messages with the world!!!!

  3. Wow! What a powerful and true msg!:)

  4. Woah, that is an incredible story! You see the power one person has to change someone's life just by showing that he cared!
    Thanks so much for sharing this story!!

  5. care, love,appreciation.
    there is not enough ink in all the pens of the world to suffice to write the importance of thses things. whenu respect another u cannot imagine the power it infuses into him to change worlds!
    "respect,love, and value is the fertile soil for potential to bloom"(me!)

    thank u chaya sara for showing us how believing in someone can bring out the best in him resulting in a truuue kiddush hshem!

    the way u live by it is even more amazing!

    miss ya!


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