Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Three Weeks - A Poem

I wrote this poem a few years ago...but the message still remains! Hopefully, next year we wont need to read it!

During the three weeks,
There is a change in mood,
And when we get to the nine days,
We stop eating fleishige food.

Why all these changes?!
Is there a point here?!
There is a message we should take,
And show Hashem we really care.

Although it was many years ago,
We still remember it now,
The bais Hamikdosh, Hashem’s holy house,
Was destroyed and burned to the ground.

It was a place of total clarity,
Where we gathered three times a year
And now it is gone, it is no more,
And for this we should shed a tear.

But how much do we really feel it?
Do we mourn the way we should?
Do we genuinely feel,
That we are missing out on so much good?!

We have to stop and think,
About the churban and its loss,
And how we can rebuild it,
No matter what, at all costs.

If r"l, YOUR house was gone,
And was burned in a terrible fire,
And you watched it burn to the ground,
You saw those flames rise higher and higher,

And the people closest to you,
Had their lives taken away,
Yes in the time of the churban bais Hamikdosh,
All this happened on one day.

Hashem’s palace, His home,
Was destroyed on Tisha B’av,
And believe it or not,
This too came from His love.

Because Hashem let out His anger,
On bricks and stones,
Instead of destroying all of us,
The Jewish nation as a whole.

And now it’s up to us,
To help rebuild it fast
By doing as many mitzvos as we could
To build the third bais Hamikdosh that forever will last.

So use this time to be extra kind,
Do chesed with the people you know,
Keep adding bricks to the bais Hamikdosh shel ma’alah,
So back to Yerushalayim we will go.

Take on something extra now,
Say tehillim, smile at your friends,
Apologize to those you have hurt,
Yes, now is the time to make amends.

Just show Hashem you are trying,
And you want to come back to Him,
And by each person doing teshuva,
He’ll bring us back to Yerushalayim!


  1. a fellow poet! :)

    This was my favorite part:

    "Because Hashem let out His anger,
    On bricks and stones,
    Instead of destroying all of us,
    The Jewish nation as a whole."

  2. Tzipporah-more than your comment I like your new name here! Congrats - and hoping the next few steps in your conversion process go smoothly!
    Glad you liked that part-it's a very important message, Hashem loves us and would never destroy us all...

  3. Beautiful poem, Devorah. Thank you so much for sharing. It's so easy to forget about these poweful days when we all lead such busy lives. I should really print it out and hang it up on the fridge...


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