Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thoughts-The Nine Days

The nine days are here and we are hoping things will be good and news will be better iy"h. We've been having too many sad stories already and it's time for besuros tovos-good news! We all need to daven real hard for moshiach and beg Hashem to bring an end to everyone's suffering and pain! Hopefully, if we daven hard enough, we will all have yeshuos and good things!

The nine days isn't something we just talk about. We need to make the churban and the pain we feel over the loss of the bais hamikdosh a REAL thing. Think about all the good things we will have when moshiach comes! Take a few minutes to really think about it! When moshiach comes, we will have unbelievable clarity and understanding. We'll see why things happened and how it was really meant for the best - for our good.

We will all be so close to Hashem, our Father and we'll be truly happy! We won't be busy running after materialism, cool gadgets, jewelry, clothes, shopping - just to keep us busy. We'll buy what we need and then stop! Then we'll use the rest of our time for things that really matter - connecting to Hashem!

There will be no more pain, no more sickness, no more children going off the beautiful path of Torah! There will be happiness, people will have all their needs taken care of and we will have the ultimate connection to Hashem!

Let's all daven and hope that this day will come very soon!

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