Sunday, July 24, 2011


Chaya Sara is in Eretz Yisroel for the summer and asked me to post this for her.

Hey everyone its Chaya Sara from Eretz Hakadosh!!!! Its amazing to be here you feel so connected to Hashem and the truth of the world!!!

We were all so shooken up by this insane story and I heard something that we could do in a small way and it has powers to help us grow from this whole experience!! It's so hard to understand what is going on now and we must realize that Hashem wants to get our attention and we need to do something fast!!!! Here's one small and very easy thing to do. Please share this idea with others! (It's not copy writed at all!!!)

We had a speaker come to speak to us in eretz yisroel about the awesomeness of making brachos out loud and getting someone to say amen to your brachos. She said in the name of R' Moshe Feinstein zt"l that brachos with someone saying amen to the bracha is a full bracha and it saves a person from death!! She said to repeat in your head brachos save from death:)!! So we should work on saying our brachos out loud because then we really connect to hashem in a real way and open up the doors of bracha!!

She also said that a few years ago a big tzaddik came in a dream and said tell everyone that making brachos opens up many doors of brachos and everyone should make sure to get someone to say amen!!! And while saying amen the thought you should have is to think Hashem is true!!! So that is a small thing that you could really work on to help us all get closer to Hashem in a real tangible way!!!! And she said that every amen creates a malach and we dont want to throw a malach in the garbage...She said in hebrew
malach lo lepach:)!! Isn't that cute?

So if we could really work on it that could be a great starting point:)

This is something that is not so difficult at all. It takes a little bit of extra concentration and the effect this can have is unbelievable! When you have someone to answer amen to your bracha, you will automatically say the words of that bracha slower, try not to jumble the words together and you will probably start to think of the meaning of the words you are saying!

Let's all try to work on this together and then we will bring so much goodness into the world!


  1. Thank you Chaya Sara! It's great to get inspiration form you too. R' Chaim MiVolozhin calls a bracha without an amen like a letter without its seal. There are endless, real, stories baout the very tangible power of amen. Amen really does save from death- last summer i attended a brachot party and put my gradnmothers name in for a refua as she was in the hospital with respirators after a heart attack. immediately after the brachot party (seriously!) she took a turn for the better and came out of the hospital by september and had probably the best year of health in her life. she was nifteret a month ago but my family credits that brachot party with granting her one extended year of life. Amen really has power! It's so important not to let a bracha go up to Hashem like an unfinished package without its seal of "Amen" whihc allows it to affect lives down on earth.

  2. I was visiting friends in a sleepaway camp in the mountains for Shabbos and all over the camp at the appropriate places like the sinks, the bathrooms, in the bunkhouses were signs that read "say your brachos ouloud and let someone say amen" in the Zechus for Yehuda ben Nachman, Leiby.This gave me chizuk that people aren't going to forget Leiby so fast and are doing something tangible in his Zechus.

  3. My mother is a principal of a small all girls school in a hick place, but if you ask any of her students, you can be sure they all know the importance of saying brachos at loud and answering amen

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  5. I heard a story once of someone who was machpid to have someone answer amen to their brachas all the time. I don't remember what happened in the end, but it was good.

    Does it count if it's my 2.5 year old? He says amen very nicely (Sometimes).

  6. Rivki-I think it counts. As long as it's not a pressure for the little kid and he enjoys it when he does answer (and doesn't get put down for the times he doesn't), that's great! You are encouraging him to do a mitzvah and that's what counts!


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