Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hashem loves you&you must know this no matter what goes on in your life..only the yetzer hara tells u that hashem doesnt love you! Its such a lie!


  1. even though this was posted already not everyone got to see this:) so pls let this enter into your heart and realize that look how much hashem does for us how could he not love you!!we all make mistakes that doesnt mean that hashem wont love you anymore!!! you have a neshama that is soooo pure and holy and when we do something wrong all we are doing is covering up the light of our neshama but it does not get ruined it jst gets covered..jst like if a diamond gets dirty it still is stunning and could shine sooo strongly jst needs the dirt to come off it!!! so when we go thru pain hashem is cleansing our neshama from the dirt that it needs to shine and get closer to hashem!! so all we need to do is say hashem loves me and that cleans your neshama more and more from the tuma of this fake world!!!! the world needs us to be strong and believe bec. you are meant ot shine the world with kedusha and if you dont do your job correctly then we wont have your light in world!! so pls ask hashem to help you clean ur neshama from the tuma that it has on it!! and you will feel soo much cleaner within yourself!!
    you all are sooo awesome and i knw that you will light up the world with hashems light:)
    thank you soooo much for all your comments it really makes us want to addd more as we see ppl commenting bec. we want to see what you are taking from all that your hearing and reading!! so pls comment more and more!!
    may you feel hashems love for you empowering you to become the best that you are meant to be!!!

  2. Thanx soooo much for sharing!:) Very true!!! The Yetzer Hara is so strong and tries to make a person feel worthless but really that's when it's our choice to decide if we'll win over him! We have to really try hard to listen to our real TRUE inner voice inside of us (the yetzer TOV) that is also extremely powerful to make you do the right things and think the right thoughts!!! And yes Hashem does so much for us every single second of the day and he is always watching us and he gave us a special neshama that WE MUST take care of very well!!!

  3. Thank you Chaya Sara! That video was soooo true... I will have to watch it a few more times! And the diamond mashal is also so important and so motivating!
    Thank you! PLEASE post more!!!!
    :)I'm still smiling! Hope your getting nachas! :)

  4. Thank you!!! Amazing and sooo true!!!
    Love it!!!:)

  5. This is such an amazingggg video! So true! we must must get rid of the Yetzer Hara that loves to come and trick us!!! And the more we remind ourselves that Hashem loves us, the easier it will be to win over our Yetzer Hara! and we don't want to fall easily into any of the Yetzer Hara's tricks! Hashem gives us so so much and we need to appreciate it! Every detail Hashem created is mind boggling! Hashem's chesed never ends. He is always always giving us! The more we thank Hashem, the more we will feel his love!! When you realize that everything Hashem does is good and all he wants to give you is good, you will want to kick away the Yetzer Hara!!
    Thanks for this video!


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