Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A very powerful message from Rabbi Lazer Brody;)

I want to share with you some amaizing idea that I just read: we must make hashem more real to the world and realize that he is with us every min!!! We need to figure out how to really connect to hashem especially on shabbos, it cant just be all about fish and food does'nt fully connect us its much more than that! It's about starting to talk to him as if he is your best friend because Hashem is the only one who could really open up doors of bracha for us! There are two ways to connect to someone either complain about how everything is noo good or thank them how much good there is!! So to with hashem if we start thinking about our day and how many things went right in our day and then we thank him we have no clue how far that thank you will take you in terms of your connection with hashem!!!!
I just read an unreal story from the book called Garden of gratitude written by Rabbi Lazer Brody..
He said that if a person thanks hashem for all the good in his life he has no clue how much bracha he opens for himself..:)
This story took place many years ago 2 men were walking on a road and suddenly the angel of death appeared before them he said im here to take your life!They got soooo scared since they were able to see him right in front of there eyes!They did not know what to do, they had a few seconds to think..Hashem sent a man who was in need of money to walk by these two guys, when he put his hand out the first guy gave him a few coins for tzedaka and the man thanked him and walked away. The angel of death said,"since you did a kind deed I cant take your life right now but the other guy who did not give him money I have to take his life..the other guy said," what!!I'm not ready to go pls can i have at least one min.." and he started thanking Hashem for his life and for all the good that he bestowed upon him..he also said, "Hashem I am so thankful to you that you are giving me a chance to get closer to you, and when i die i will be so close to you so thank you for wanting me to be close to you." He wasnt ready to die but knew that he didnt have much time to do anything else! As soon as he was done this short prayer of thanks the angel of death said to him,"bec. you remembered to thank hashem I now also do not have a power to kill you." Thank you is even greater than giving tzedaka so now you will live a longer life because you thanked Hashem!! Can you imagine how great it is to thank Hashem:)! So how am I connecting this to shabbos..
bec. on shabb. you have time to reflect on the true connection with hashem so its the best time to stop and think about hashem for real!!
So I give u all a bracha that you should be zoche to realize that thanking hashem is one of the greatest things you could do for yourself and the whole world!!!


  1. Thank you Chaya Sara! For years I struggled to be a happier person and what I never realized was that the key to happiness is truly to appreciate what you have and who you are. As soon as I really focused on being grateful for these things, I IMMEDIATELY found myself literally living in a different world - a world full of sunshine, and laughter - and real unadulterated happiness! I really thank you - you've changed my life forever!!!! :)

  2. i am flying high from this story i cant get over how awesome it is to thank hashem:)! gosh did we stop and think how easy it is to do a mitzva! all hashem wants is for us to remeber that everything comes from him and just to say thank you hashem for being sooo goood to me:)! we sometimes think gosh life is soo hard why does hashem make thigns soo hard for me!!! instead of thinking how much good hashem has given to us!! so we jst need to rememeber how much hashem for real!and then you will see him more:)!


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