Thursday, June 16, 2011

here is a funny clip of how imp. it is to take messages that hashem is sending ur way before its too late grab the oppurtunity its all in your hands:)


  1. Wow! You see how 2 ppl can be in the same exact situation but doing 2 totally different things!!! and yes- EVERY YID HAS A RESPONSIBILITY TO SHARE WHAT THEY CAN!! You never know what the outcome will be!!! We need to STAND UP and not be afraid!!! When you show that you are there for them, they WNAT to listen to you!!! They are not scary at all! and there is so much you can help out with!!! We need to save these ppl! They have precious neshamos inside of them! YOU can be the one to turn their whole life around!!! And you don't wanna miss out when you realize it's too late!!!(Like when they are off the bus) But really it's never too late cuz you can run after them!!! So GO FOR IT! Can you imagine how much good we can spread to the world!? Just show them that you care!!
    Thanks for putting up the best videos Chaya Sara!!!! Woah!!!!

  2. This is soooo adorable:)we must take messages from things that happen throughout our day! and we should be so excited to talk to someone who is lost bec. we have no idea what we could do to save someone!! we have the ability to just give someone a smile and make them feel good and that could change there lives!!

  3. Amaaaaazing!!!!!! And soooo powerful!!!! It's not that hard to do Kiruv!!!!!!! Just accept them with open arms, show them that you care and be nice!!! You'll see how fast they'll open up to you!!!!! Thanks soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!


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