Monday, January 10, 2011

You Have Value - a Video

If you cannot watch youtube videos, you can click here to view this video on the original website.


    Thank you for that link on the bottom. I can only imagine all of the great videos I missed!

  2. Beautiful, inspirational, and most importantly, TRUE! Thank you for sharing :)

  3. sometimes small actions make a big difference, may our actions make a positive impact

  4. MW-Now that I know you can't watch youtube videos, I'll try to include a link to another place so you can see the ones I post. It's just that with youtube you can put the video directly on your blog by embedding it so that's why I do it that way.

    SG-glad you liked!

    smb-so true. Amen!

  5. hi devoiry its chaya betesh and this is just a message to tell u how much i love this blog!i check it prob evry day to see if theres anything new but i think i have to check out all the old ones too! it was sooooooo great hearing your voice on the phone line!
    and i still get inspired by inoculations every time i watch it!!!!!!!

  6. Chaya, thanks so much!! I'm so happy you are gaining from this blog!


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