Thursday, January 27, 2011

These precious neshamos died for us to have torah today!!


  1. woooaaaaahhh!!!!
    after watchin that i feel i have to say a big "shehechiyanu vekiyemanu vehigiyanu lazman hazeh!" thank you Hashem for carrying us through it all and bringing us to the amazxing point to where we are today!

    while they did everything they can to make sure that torah stayed alive, they knew the truth!that torah is the only thing that kept this nation alive "vehi sheOmdah laavoseinu"

    so while they did so much sacrifice they probably wld tell u that it wasnt a sacrifice at all!it was their first choice

    hashem has got to get us out of here already!thank u for that awesome inspiration chayasara!!
    most of us can never ever ever comprehendwhat our parents did and still do for us!

  2. Wow!! That is such an inspiring video - just to see the contrast! The goyim did so much to try to destroy us but nevertheless Hashem kept us alive and not just alive but we are able to live a life of Torah and connection to Him! They tried to get rid of us but no they couldn't and we persevered and now we are learning, growing, striving and getting closer to Hashem! What a wonderful "slap in the face" to those who tried to hurt us and make us disappear off the face of this earth! They can't because Hashem promised us that He will keep us alive!

    Now we need to daven for the end of that passuk to come true - Hashem please don't forget us! Bring us back home!

    Thank you Chaya Sara for posting this video!!

  3. Wow! look what Bnei Yisroel had to go through!!!!! So many nisyonos!!! And no matter what, no matter when, no matter how- WE STILL kept the torah!!! WE ARE YIDDEN and will NEVER forget hashem, no matter how difficult!!! We have an extra special connection to hashem. We are all waiting so long for the geulah to finally come! IM KOL ZE ACHAKA LO BECHOL YOM SHEYOVAH!!!!!

    The words of ani mamin are sooo powerful!!! because we believe and KNOW hashem is always there, hashem is our creator, he does, will do, and is always doing for us...and their is none other than him.


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