Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On My Birthday

Today, Vav Shevat is my hebrew birthday. There is so much to think about on my birthday and so much to be thankful for. I look back at how much has happened this past year and I'm amazed and in awe at how much can change in a person's life.

I was blessed with another daughter who is so precious. I can look at her for hours and see the Hashem through her - how such a tiny human being has a perfectly working body, a heart pumping blood through her veins, a digestive system that works just right, eyes that blink every few seconds. It is so incredible how something so little has a body that works the same way as an adult!

A birthday is a time for me to notice how much I have and thank Hashem for it. It is also a time to try to commit myself to become better, to change in one area so that next year I can look back and be happy with what I see.

When I was in seminary in Eretz Yisroel, my birthday came out on shabbos. I made sure to stay somewhere within walking distance to the Kosel and was able to say the whole
tehillim. Now I'm not able to even think about such a huge feat because baruch Hashem I am busy with my children. But I know that this is my job right now - this is my tehillim and thanks to Hashem! Taking care of them and watching over my children, Hashem's children - that's my priority. My job is not to lock myself in a room and daven for an hour. Hashem gives each person a role and right now I am meant to be taking care of my children. Iy"h when I become a grandmother and have free time during the day, I will once again be able to daven and say tehillim on my birthday.

The role of a mother is so important - she will raise her children to be the next generation of people to follow the torah and do the mitzvos. What can be more crucial than that?! She has to fill her childrens' hearts with love for Hashem and love for Judaism. Davening then becomes a conversation with Hashem throughout the day, instead of taking out a siddur at a specific time each day.

I know that many people give brachos on their birthday. I don't know if I can say it better than I did last year - the bracha was so overflowing that when I reread it just a few minutes ago I thought I cannot redo it because there's so much in there. So here's a link to
last year's bracha and may it come true for all of you!


  1. Happy birthday!
    May this year bring you health, nachas and everything you daven for.
    (I love reading your brachos. You give the best ones!)

  2. Happy Birthday! And Amen to all the brachos you received.

    Cool, we share our Hebrew birthdays. My birthday is especially poignant cuz my baby was born on this day last year, vuv shvat.

    Thanks for your posts and brachos.

  3. Amen! Thank you!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May HaShem bless you with lots of bracha and hatzlacha; health, clarity, happiness, and unlimited nachat from your children. :)

  4. Happy Birthday! Yom Huledet Sameach! May this year bring you only nachat and growth through simcha!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    I was thinking of this very thing as I found a place to sneak away and pray for a while during naptime today. I was thinking how I always feel like I should be praying at certain times during a day - that makes me "feel" like I am serving my duty... but that right now my real duty (and privilege!) is to be raising my kids and sneaking in prayers when I can. Thanks for that encouragement!

  6. yom hladas samech....
    happy birthday!
    may you have much mazel,brachah,hatzlachah, happiness and understanding.
    your kids are so lucky to have such a pious women as a mother and all who know you are truly blessed.
    may you continue to inspire many...
    and may you have many more happy birthdays!

  7. Wow, Devorah!!

    Happy birthday to you! I hope that this coming year for you will be the most amazing one yet, filled with happiness and nachas from those around you, productivity, and the inspiration to spark yourself and others.

    Your brachos are so perfect! How can I compete?!

    Re your post: It's amazing how a Jewish person can look at a birthday as being a special and holy day whereas other people treat it as a milestone of like being able to buy alcohol and lottery tickets! Thanks for the insight and I'll i'yh re-read this on my own birthday. All the best!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! I hear what you're saying about speaking to Hashem being a conversation during the day. However, I also want my children to see my davening from a siddur or tehilim (ha, assuming I ever get around to actually doing so). How can I balance these two views?

    Enjoy your yummy kinderlach!

  9. yes I also wonder that, Devoiry. Especially after I was babysitting and the mother was finishing up Shemona Esrai as I came in,a nd it was such a beautiuful and touching scene and I'm sure her children learn a great example from her, and it all especally made an impression when I realized that on the refrigerator there was a paper of a bracha from the Steipler I think about mothers who daven... how do those two ideas- names your posts' and Rivki's- reconcile?
    Oh and Happy Belated Birthday! wow cant believe I forgot to comment that!!! Your year should be one of simcha and bracha and ease and constant inspirtation that you can transmit to others just like this post!


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