Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why Do I Feel Alone Sometimes....

This was posted by Chaya Sara last year but has such a good message, I wanted to post it again.

Written by: Y.Roitenbarg

Rivka and Sara embraced each other enthusiastically when they met unexpectedly in Mexico. Both were far from their homes and families. Rivka was in Mexico on a business trip and Sara had come to visit her grandmother, who was ill. Onlookers who witnessed their joyful meeting assumed they were long lost-friends who had just reunited after many years.

They did not know that Rivka and Sara both live in the same town back in United States, and see each other around town often. However, back home, they hardly have time to greet each other or have lengthy conversations. Since they are busy with their own lives and different circle of friends.

They are not enemies, and they are not best friends; they are simply two people living busy lives, by chance-in the same town.
Interestingly, when Rivka and Sara found themselves far from home, both strangers on foreign ground, they greeted each other warmly. Here, they openly displayed their affection for each other.I n Mexico,where they both felt so alone, they recognized each other and felt so good that at least one familiar face around. They felt so much closer to each other because no one else knew them!! (It feels sooo good to go somewhere and actually know someone when you don't know anyone in the crowd!!)

The above analogy illustrates an often forgotten principal. We have an open invitation to bring Hashem into our lives, but when we are on "home ground",settled and comfortable in our daily routine, we hardly ever take the time to truly 'greet' Hashem and get to know him.
Hashem knows how to attract our attention. He knows if he singles us out and puts us to the test and bring us to 'foreign ground',we will feel alone and isolated. He knows too,that we will then turn to him,and embrace him like a long lost friend.
We will turn to him with all our emotions, and say please Hashem only you can help me!!!
The next time you feel alone, lost, and forlorn; remember you are alone with Hashem. Open your heart and embrace Hashem, and He will be there for you.

Sometimes Hashem really wants to hear from us and really wants to get close to us because it will make us the happiest. So Hashem moves us to a place where we feel like Help!! I'm so Alone I don't know what to do!! And then we just cry out to him with all our hearts and then we are zoche to see him right there waiting for us with open arms!!! he just needed you to notice him! when everything is fine why will you call out to Hashem only when things get crazy we wake up!!

If you have an alarm clock only if it rings will you wake up otherwise you'll just hang out in bed as long as you can!! As soon as someone comes with a cup of water (just kidding) you jump out of bed!! so too, Hashem does not want us sleeping out potential away so he makes us go through something where only he can help you and if you fill up your cup of zechusim with mitzvos you will be zoche to never feel alone!!!!!! Because he will be there for you every step of the way!!

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