Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Tefillah Straight From the Heart

Look how much Hashem does for us we are soooo lucky!!! lets try to appreciate the gift of life!!!


  1. Chaya Sara, this is such a beautiful video!

  2. this is so so so AMazing! i already saw it more than 2x! thanks a ton!

  3. i hav nothing more to say than - I LOVE IT and thnx a ton for sharing

  4. thank you,chaya sara.
    this is so very inspiring and uplifting.

  5. the message is soo sweet!!! to say thank you to hashem for making you smile:) and for realizing that he makes hard times so that we could appr. life so much more!!!
    i think this is sooo encouraging for all of us to realize how much hashem does for us!!!!


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