Tuesday, November 23, 2010

He's Holding My Hand - a Poem

This poem was written by Tzipi Caton, author of Miracle Ride and was posted with her permission.

Some things, they just go wrong,
And there's no logic as far as you can see.
Some of us cry, some of us don't,
But most of us ask, "Why me?"

But there is logic behind it all,
A reason for our tears.
And the only one who knows that secret,
Is Hashem, who really cares.

It’s like this mashal I once heard,
That sort of helped me understand,
Where Hashem is compared to our father,
And we're compared to children in his hands.

You see, when a child is with his father,
He doesn't look if it's okay to cross the street,
He can just close his eyes and take his father's hand,
Then follow in the lead.

Because a child trusts his father implicitly,
He knows he'll never be lead astray.
I know that He'll look out for the dangers that I might miss,
And then he'll lead the way.

If we follow our father, Hashem,
He'll lead us on a direct path.
And then we find that our that our questions may be answered,
Before they're even asked.

Of course we all have the option,
Of letting go, and taking our own lead.
Though it's so much easier to rely on a father,
Who takes care of all our needs.

But every father has his secrets,
That is understood.
And some of these things should be kept hidden,
It's all for his child's good.

Yes, every child will sometimes get hurt,
It's just something we can't understand.
But in the end it'll all be okay,
If we keep hold of our father's hand.

This mashal gave me a bit of knowledge,
That brought tremendous relief.
I now know that it's not about understanding,
But just a matter of belief.


  1. Great poem! Makes me feel better about things that happened.

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  3. its a very nice poem and often is true. however, a lot of times people doo rely on hashem but they still just have bad. or atleast what seems bad. so they should just stop relying. i am.

  4. its a real good piece! maybe i can post it in my outlet?! i think its "teenager friendly........:)"

  5. Yes, it is!
    I think you would have to ask the author for permission to publish it. She's a friend of mine...so let me know if you want her email address.


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