Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chanukah - Lighting Our World

If you are trying to see this video in google reader and it doesn't show up, come straight to the blog to see it - it's worth it!


  1. wow1 this is so amazingly cool! i never thought of it like that! but how are we bringing light into the world? i thought we are more like bringing darkness-because every nishma-that goes off counts-and when there are"too many" then we-as a whole of klal yisroel have to suffer through not only tzarote-but (b/e there are so many doing avairote-) war!for ex. the hollacost happenddddd cz of us not doing what we were supposto do, or any other kind of thing that happened to the jews(spain.ect..)?

  2. Liat-we bring light into the world when we do mitzvos and follow the torah! So in order to counteract the darkness of the world around us, we need to light up the world with good deeds and spirituality! Every good thing you do, every time you make a kiddush hashem, listen to your mother, act pleasantly to the people around you...each of these things brings light into the world!

  3. Devorah-
    yes, but dont we bring a lot of darkness as well...and for times of war(which is basicaly in eeeevry generation)we are in darkness more-cz theres war-which means that a lot of us r'nt keep the mitzvote?also i'm apart of this kiruv thing, and i get emails and stuff from it...and the 1st clip(or more like the intro to kiruv) is showing that as the generations go on-more ppl go off the derech and marry goyim, so we are becoming less, and less and that its our job to correct this by doing kiruv....


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