Monday, November 22, 2010

inspiration for chanuka:)


  1. Woah, Chaya Sara, I totally LOVE this video! It has such an important message!!

    We may think that we are great when people compliment us or tell us that what we just did is out of this world but the truth is that greatness stems from the ability to overcome the day to day challenges Hashem sends our way.

    Thank you so much for this powerful message!!

  2. i absolutely love it!!!!! so so true

  3. Wow! this is just unbalievableee! i was just listening to it, and my mother was right out the door, and hears greatness, torah....and wanted to know what i was listening to-so she came in and was very impressed! shes planning on probably showing this to her students!lol!(even though its abit late...)
    thank you so so so so somuch for putting this up! it has such a strong message! wow! i realy got inspired by this! thax loads!


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