Friday, November 12, 2010


Ahh...Shabbos is here! Shabbos is here!

Can you imagine a world without Shabbos?!

Can you imagine a week that never ended?

Can you imagine an existence that offered no rejuvenation?

It's hard to imagine surviving without Shabbos.

Thank you Hasem for this precious gift of Shabbos.

A day to reflect.

A day to grow.

A day to recharge.

A day to live for real.

A day like no other.

Can you imagine a week of only Shabbos?

Soon, very soon, moshiach will arrive to herald the news.

Every day will be Shabbos, yes every day.

Yom Shekulo Shabbos.

No more pain.

No more troubles.

No more galus.

No more illness.

Only Shabbos.

Shabbos Kodesh.

May it come soon.

May it stay with us.


  1. keep in mind that shabbos isnt so relaxin for e.o...
    for some people it's more family time which is not relaxing.

  2. wow! thanx so so much! it felt so real the way that was written! thanx tonz for posting that-i really like felt so like touched by the way it was written-so i would read each line slowly by its self...its just so amazing! thank you so much for posting that!
    anon-i dont abviously know who you are or how your fammily is..but supposing that you come from a regular normal family... i know yiou'd probably not like judt being hoe c'z its family but you know thats life where ever you are in life you'll have to face being with your family-and you know what i think you should be making the most of it...(i'm talking from a view of 2 ppl. that i know that are suffering in their house-one of them my mother was a guidence councler of in school and she is now a foster child by someone in my neighborhood)and so i think that you should be really happy where you are right now and should make the most of it. we shouldn't ever take a mitzvahy like that-(shimote:parshat yitro/pereck yud-tet pusk aleph/rashi--it says that they came ba'yom hazeh and not bayom hahu-to the midbar. Rashi says that thats because we should NEVER EVER TAKE A AMITZVAH IN AND LIKE GET USED TO IT! RATHER WE SHOULD TAKE A MITZVAH IN AS IF ITS NEW TO US....and yes i'm absolutly sure that you may not like being with family but if you'd just keep working, you'd most probably be stressed out-from all that work! B"H we have shobbat!Did you know that the way we make shobbat-is how our week is going to be?could you imagine! every single day, min. and seconed is based on how we made shobbat! i can't balieve it! for ex. if one learns on shobbat-then they get chuchma for the rest of the week(avote) and balieve me! i did try it!
    i don't know how i'd manage life without shobbat!!

  3. Amen! The picture reminds me of the feeling I have when I'm lighting Shabbos candles and my toddler is watching me, and I know I'm making an impression on his little neshama. Yum!

  4. that is so very inspiring.
    it portrays shabbos correctly-i could put myself in the scene!

  5. All i have to say is AMEN!!! Moshiach Now!

  6. sheva-amen! and in our times bimihairh biyamainu!

  7. Anon-if it's not relaxing, you can try to do something to make your shabbos more special. Hopefully I'll be able to post some more ideas on how to make your shabbos more uplifting.

    Liat-so glad you liked it! You are so right with what you wrote!

    Rivki-yes, that's true. Children watch their parents very carefully. Hopefully we are always making a good impression on them and their neshama!


    Sheva-I agree!



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