Monday, September 13, 2010

Yom Kippur: Everyone Falls


  1. devoiry pls could you put this on the blog im having trouble putting it on from my computer.. thanks a million!! its such a cool messsage and i want everyone to see it!!! you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, Chaya Sara, that has such a powerful message! Thanks so much for this video.

    It's so important to remember this, before Yom Kippur, that everyone falls, everyone makes mistakes and the only way to change is by getting up and not by holding on to the things we did in the past and letting that bring us down. Change only happens when we let ourselves let go of the things we did and deciding that we don't want to do it anymore!

  3. that video is ausome ans so could to hear it in this way...yes we all fall but we have to get up again and not hold onto it..thanx so much 4 eth..u 2 are jst..AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. wow thanks so much for putting this up1 this is just so awesome! those cookies look so yumie and good! man this was realy a good diet lesson to me as well as the real message!LOL!
    i remeber i once learned that the only person who lived in historiah/yehadus/chagim and didnt fall so much was Rabbi Akivah! the only thing is-when we fall we actualy can feel that we have fallen down, and so its hard to reach back up to the same leval tha we were on in the 1st place....:(
    but don't we fall more than 7times?
    why 7times?

  5. anonymous-i'm so glad to have finaly heard your voice on the hotline last time when there was an amazing speech by Chaya Sara!

    i dont think this have ever happened b4;that i actualy got a word to retype:mouseLOL!
    so i think thats like amessage from Hashem! the yetzer hara can attak us in many small ways-like a mouse, thats quick(tricky)and small and we just always have to pick ourselves up again(each time the mouse is stealing from us-and recover from shock fast!LOOL! i cant stop rolling from such non-sence!)ok, ok i guess im just too tired so ill go to bed now beacause im just laphing way to much about something thats not that funny!LOL!


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