Monday, September 27, 2010

This is live from yerushalayim you could almost feel yourself being in the midbar with hashems protection!! you must see how real this will feel:)

Sukkot - The Ultimate Shelter from Dan Roth on Vimeo.


  1. wow! this amazing!i love this clip so much that i already saw it 5x.... also i just sent you an email about something that reminded me about the clip that i didnt want to put here....

  2. hello this is sooo cool!! it feels soooo real to actually kind of experience this.. you almost think that you are in eretz yisroel!!
    this is such an incredible way of seeing sukkos!! gosh hashem is sooo awesome how he holds us in his arms the way a mother holds her child and the child feels so secure!!! thats how we cld feel with hashem in the succah!!!!!!!
    wow that is such a cool thought!!!
    i love this blog!!!!!!!:)

  3. Wow that is such a cool one! Thank you so much Chaya Sara - it brings the message of succos so close to home and the background helps you really feel it! You can feel like Hashem is protecting us from the elements NOW, not like this is something that happened years ago!

    And I love the way He said it - the same One who protected the Jews in the desert is protecting us now so nothing is too hard for Him! He can do anything. Succos is a time for us to strengthen our trust in Hashem-thank you for this inspiring video and for helping us internalize this important message!


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