Sunday, September 5, 2010

Choose Life

What kind of life do you want to choose for yourself this year?


  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is aaamazingggggggggg! thanx so much 4 putting this up!
    i just wundr how he cud write 9books in that condition? does s/o do it 4 him?
    Look what Hashem does! He gives us exactly what we nead-not more and not less-however this man does it-hashem abviously made it somehow available to him to write books! gosh i always get such goooooooooosssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeee bbbbbbbbbbbbuuuuuuummmmpppppppppppssssss!!!!!!!!
    thanx a ton!!!!!!

  2. unbelievable.
    (makes me feel like a real underachiever....)

  3. Liat-thanks. Yes, it is amazing. He wrote the books all with his EYES and blinked by the right letters he took years but imagine, he did it! So think about what we can do if we don't have such limitations!

    SC-I feel the same way. If he can do so much with all he doesn't have, what can we do with what we do have?! It is an inspiration to see people who are determined to do big things regardless of their limitations!

  4. Devorah-
    does he have any help at all like with people around him that can help him to do things if he is ina a wheel chair? how would they know what he wants from them? If he can do so much then-whats the point of having some things that Hzashem created? im kind of confused... i mean we can definitaly do a lot with some things thn-right? what is each thing that Hashem created for us-for? i mean everything on this world is for a reason-right?

  5. Liat, I don't know him personally, I can only tell you what I figured out from watching the clip. I don't know who helps him or how he does things on a daily basis...

    Hashem gave each person the exact tools they need to live in this world in the best way possible. For many of us, it is a body that is complete and whole and for this person it is his inability to do certain things that turned into an ability to inspire others! So you have hands, feet, eyes, ears, mouth - use what you have to do the right thing!


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