Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Responding to Mumbai


  1. guess who!!!!!!!!!!!September 15, 2010 at 2:28 AM

    tzadkes devoiry thanks a million for fixing the other one pls psl put this one up its very imp before yom tov sugg for what to take upon ourselves when we hear about terror!! bec we are hearing stuff non stop!! we need to hear more good news!! whoever is reading this pls lets try to thank hashem with our hearts when we hear good things happening so that we could be zoche to get more goos news this yr!! like someone gets engaged, healthy baby, bris, bar mitzva, sheva brachos, a happy party lts jsut say one perek of tehillim so that we cld show hashem that we turn to him when things are good too!!!
    pls we need more good news our one mitzva could tip the scale before we stand in front of the king on yom kippur!!!!!!!!!!!
    pls let us knwo that you are trying to do this only for the sake of the world so we wont need tzaros to wake us up!!!! we have more than enough we cant handle another one!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lets also learn shmiras halashon to stop speaking bad ant others then hashem will answer our tefillos that come from a pure mouth!!!!!!!! pls let us knwo that you are working on yourself it will encourage others to so!! you gyes are the best audience to have bec of your incredible comments we just keep addiong more!!! keep them coming we love your feedback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That's so true and so important-to take things upon ourselves to become better when we hear that something terrible happened. Instead of giving up, we should try to become better people!

  3. thhis is so true! thanks a billion for putting this up!i dont know if you realized chaya Sara but we were all very impressed that when you heard about the engagment you right away said a perek of tehillim!wow! im so happy that i kkep growing from this blog and the two of you-youare both so amazing!
    i just want to add that i forgot where but i remember 2years ago when we learned aabout yakov meeting yosef after such a long time, he right away turned to Hashem wich is why he hadnt hugged yosef-so why did he scream out to Hashem thanks right away? why couldn't it be b4 or after he huggs his son after such a long time of sadness and waiting? beacause had yakove not call out at that seconed, he wouldn't have reached the leval of kedusha that he had reached....
    so then i asked if we are allowed to say the perek of shema as well-besides for tehillim, because afterall he said shema and not tehillim(because it didnt come out yet, but also because shema is much stronger) and we can-i used to say it all the time when i saw some hashkacha pratis happening, but some how or another i just stoped;without realizing it-like i only just rememberd about it now-see thats why i just love this blog! i can remeber things like this and correct the mistake that i had stoped so happens to be that when i did say shema-99% of the time i felt the shchina rest on me while i said so happily and i did feel like a pull to a hire leval of kedusha as well-i was able to be able to tell what i was like from the day before to what i was after saying shema-the next day i felt it-i just cant describe it;just like one cant describe what love is to one another....


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