Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Lost Child

This was the first post that was ever put onto this blog. I wanted to share it with you again for all those people who never got to read it because you can take such an incredible lesson from it!!!

I want to share an incident that happened the other day. I think it puts a lot of things into perspective!!

I was on the boardwalk enjoying the beautiful scenery when suddenly I saw a huge crowd of worried faces all talking and pointing in one direction. I hurried to see what the whole commotion was about and I saw a little boy standing by himself looking very sad. I asked the bystanders what happened to him they said that he lost his father and they already called the shomrim to come get him. So I said, "Oh! What's his name? Maybe we could find out who he is."
They said, "Yeh! We tried but he refuses to tell us his name."
So I walked over to him and I said, "Please can you tell us your name we want to bring you back to your Tatty!"

He just stared blankly at me and would not say a word. I scooped him up in my arms and said, "Please tell us your name we want to help you and find your Tatty for you."
The bystanders started checking his shirt to see if he has a name in it. This poor little boy is standing there looking at everyone feeling so uncomfortable. By this time the crowd just got bigger and bigger but the boy refused to talk.

Finally, I told my little sister ask Hashem to make the boy tell us his name cuz we really need to find out who he is - by the time the shomrim come we need to have some info about this precious 4 yr old.

Elisheva, my younger sister, did 2 halachos of shmiras halashon in her head and it was sooo unreal to hear this little boy suddenly say his name. We had a bag with hebrew lettering on it, so i said does your name start with a shin shook his head no, does it start with a vav no does it start with a mem he shook his head yes!! Great! So is your name Menachem, Moshe, Mendy.. noooo all of a sudden he says Mem Reish Daled Chaf Yud and I scream out Mordechai and he says yes!!
Wow shehecheyanu!!!

We now have one part of his name the whole crowd got sooo excited! It was such a moment of achdus all we cared about was to help this boy no one cared if you were chassidish, litvish, fat or skinny all that mattered was to take care of this little scared boy!!
Next, what is your last name, he refused to say!!

We all asked Hashem please help us help this little boy his parents are probably frantically looking for him.
Just then we see a very worried father walking by so we tell the little boy i think your tatty is here!!! Mordechai goes running up to his father with such a relief and excitement it was unreal to see!!
This set me thinking about our lives.

We are all lost in this galus trying to find ourselves and we are sooo sad and clueless as what to do. Hashem knocks on our door and he sends us all kinds of messages saying I want you to come back to me you are lost what do you need to help me bring u back. I want to help you come home!! we just look blankly back at Hashem and say what????? do you want from me!! and Hashem makes these boys get stuck in jail a way of telling us beg me to take you out the way you are begging me to take out these boys!! And all the other crazy stories we had this year!! We just look at Hashem and say what do you want I'm not interested in telling them "my name"!!
Hashem scoops us up in his arms saying, I will make life sooo hard for you until you come to me and beg me to take you home!!

We say hashem why???? are you making it so hard for me I dont feel you!! Hashem says back i want to help you find yourself please tell me your name and we refuse making faces at Hashem!! If only we would realize that hashem is begging us to beg him to just take us out and he is even holding us in his arms as he is doing it!! So he makes life here unbearable and what do we do we just ignore him and stare at the sky like Hashem stop dayenu!!

Hashem has such a burning desire to bring us all home to be with us in Eretz Yisroel and hold our hands forever yet we just forget to beg him to take us out that is what we need to do!!!!
Then He will grab us out with so much love and excitement we wont know what hit us!!!
Lets work on dan lekaf zechus not to jugde people before we know the whole story!!
Like today it looked so mean of me to be holding this boy in my arms and keep asking him the same question again and again for any by stander would look at me and say leave him alone they have no clue how much we care about trying to help him!!

So the next time you hear a story about someone and you dont know if its true try to not jump to conclusions think positive of the person!
Remember, you never know the full story!! You are walking into their lives in the middle of a chapter of the book how could you know what and where they came from!!

This way Hashem will see us looking for the good in others and not judging them beezras hashem He will say let me see the good in klal yisroel who is trying soo hard and bring them home so I could give them the biggest hug ever!!!!
Imagine how awesome it will be seing parents reuniting with their children who had left this world!! Imagine children seeing their parents who left them what a crazy simcha it will be LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!
Please let me know what you think and what you took from this!


  1. Wow, Chaya Sara!! Wow!! I just read this story again and it's amazing what a lesson you took from it. Here you see a child who is lost among a huge crowd...we are lost and need to find Hashem!

    Are we looking for Hashem? Let's look out for our Father, try to find Him so we can be reuinited in His loving embrace!!

  2. What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing!


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