Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Newborn Baby

Looking at a newborn baby is always a reason to marvel at the awesomeness of Hashem's creations. You see a tiny little person with all the body parts that an adult has, working perfectly. The same two eyes that you and I have, the newborn has. Ten fingers, ten toes, a heart that beats (ever so fast!) and a digestive system that works just so. It's just unbelievable to see it all in a tiny human being.

I am holding a precious little newborn baby as I type this. She's all dressed in pink (what other color can you dress a girl in anyway?!) and is looking around at the big world around her. Just one week ago, she made her grand entrance into this world with a loud "waaa" and I got to shout, "It's a GIRL!" with such excitement! Baruch Hashem another healthy baby has been born!

I take a look at this little princess who doesn't know anything about the world and just hope. Hope for her to grow up happy, healthy and always know the beauty of the life she was so lucky to be born into. A little baby is just so pure, so innocent...there's so much we can give over to them...they're like a piece of cement - they will learn whatever you teach them. What an awesome responsibility!

When I see a newborn baby, I cannot help but marvel at the fact that all of us started out like this. It is such a miracle to see how a child grows - from something so tiny into a little baby and then into a toddler...where did all that time go? And that we also went through these same growing be where we are today.

I look at her and think: she is pure potential. She has not done anything yet - not good and not bad. She has the ability to become...anything!!

And the truth is, each one of you can too! You have unlimited potential. When you open your eyes in the morning, you are about to begin a brand new day - with choices that only you can make and decisions that only you can come to. You can make it a great day just by choosing to do the right thing. You can overcome obstacles, you can grow, you can soar!

There's so much to learn from a newborn. And there's so much to teach to a newborn. I hope to be able to teach her all about goodness, truth, happiness, honesty and all the other important things she needs to know in order to live a fulfilling and productive life iy"h.

We named our daughter this past Shabbos -
Chaya was a name we added which means life and Gittel is after a relative who was killed in the holocaust, which means good. We are going to call her Chaya Gitty (or CG for short) and we hope and pray that she will always have a good life!

I probably said it a little better when
Shalom Baruch was born and my thoughts were more coherent but for now, that's my exciting news! Mazel tov and may we hear good news from all!!

(Sorry if this post doesn't flow...I
am pretty tired and not going on that much sleep...)


  1. mazel tov devora its so exciting may u hav lots of nachos from CG and also SB!!!!

  2. Mazel Tov!!! And you're even putting up such inspiring posts despite the sleep deprivation! Kol haKavod. :) Chaya Gittel is a beautiful name - you should have a lot of nachas and she should be a constant source of inspiration for you.

  3. Mazel Tov!! May you have a lot of nachas from both of them.

  4. MAZAL TOV devora!! may she grow up immersed in all your inspiration enough to become such an light of Torah to all she comes across!

  5. Thank you everyone for your mazel tov wishes and amen to those brachos!!


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