Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When You Hear Good News

How should you react when you hear good news?

I know what we do when we hear that someone is sick. We quickly take out our tehillim and start davening, begging Hashem for a yeshuah, for a salvation. But what about when we hear that someone got engaged? Shouldn't that cause us to do the same? Shouldn't that make us run to our tehillim and start thanking Hashem for such an exciting simcha?!

Hashem wants us to turn to Him. He wants us to acknowledge Him. There are plenty of ways to get us to remember that He exists and He's the One running the show. If we open our tehillim as soon as we hear about a simcha, maybe, just maybe, He will not have to give us tzaros, hardships, painful moments to get us to turn to Him.

When you hear that someone had a baby, someone got engaged, someone is getting married, someone is having an upsherin/bar mitzvah or reaching any other exciting milestone in their life, take a moment to thank Hashem for that! Say a perek of tehillim to thank Hashem for the simchos and exciting things happening in your life! Because if good things remind you that Hashem is in charge of everything that happens and that's what gets you to open up your tehillim, perhaps Hashem will not have to give you names of people who are sick to get you to say tehillim!

You can say Mizmor L'sodah or any other chapter that talks about praising or thanking Hashem. This way, you will turn your thoughts to Him whenever you hear good news and always remember that He is the One behind everything that happens!

Hopefully, when you turn to Hashem to thank Him for all the good things that happen to you, He will continue to send more good things your way - because that is the easiest way for Him to get you to acknowledge Him! Hashem wants to give you good, He wants to fill your life with happiness. But He also wants you to remember Him at all times. So if you keep thanking Him every time something good comes your way, He will continue to shower you with brachos!!

May you always find things to thank Hashem for and may He continue to give you things to be grateful for!

Baruch Hashem, a very close friend of mine just got engaged last night. Training myself to react to a simcha with a perek of tehillim on my lips took time, but by now it's (almost) second nature. After saying, "Mazel tov" (and getting the details of course), it's an automatic response to say "Mizmor L'soda" - thank you Hashem for such wonderful news!!


  1. Amazing - this was brought up in a shiur I went to this week. Hashem's really sending me a message on this one. B"H, I have so many things to be thankful for! Thanks for another great post. I love that I can always come to your blog for inspiration!

  2. It is soo important. If we turn to Hashem in the times of good He wont have to bring the "bad".

  3. That is such a beautiful idea!
    Whenever I hear of a healthy baby being born, I always feel like it's such a tremendous blessing. There are so many things that can go wrong, that if none of those things happen, it's such a miracle. But I never thought of saying tehillim for it. I love it.

  4. Rivki-when you hear the same idea twice in one week, it definitely makes you think about it more deeply. Glad to have been the messenger! Thanks for your comment - I'm happy to be able to provide you with inspiration!

    am-exactly. Let's hope to have lots of reasons to thank Him always so that He keeps sending more good things our way!

    MW-so true. A healthy baby is SUCH a huge miracle. The more we learn about medicine and what can go wrong, the more amazing it is when everything goes right! That's all the more reason to thank the One who made it all happen!

    I'm glad to have been able to share this idea with all of you but the credit really goes to my sister, Chaya Sara (coauthor of this blog) - this is something she always shares with others.

    When I gave birth to CG, she made sure that everyone who heard the news said a perek of tehillim to thank Hashem. Because if c"v something would have gone wrong, they all would have ran to their tehillims to beg Hashem for a refuah, so why not thank Him that everything went right?!


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