Sunday, December 26, 2010

Powerful instructions for living a meaninghful life:)


  1. Wow! Chaya Sara, this is an amazing video - every line is worth being framed and remembered! Thanks so much for posting this!

    Here's a link to the original video for those who cannot watch youtube videos. (That's for you Mystery Woman! :-D)

  2. this video is EPIC! Thanks CS. "The Box"

  3. i dont really get the message that this whole thing is tryn to bring out, h/e i do get some of it...

  4. Anon-if you click on this link you can read the text version of this video - each line is another lesson or important message to take with you in your life.

  5. Hi! I wanted to thank you for the post of "when you hear good news." it was so powerful!

  6. wow!that's a great and inspiring video.
    i don't however agree with three things:
    who loves you more then anyone in the world and who knows your faults better then anyone else,it's hashem not your parents,mere flesh and blood!also,"all he wants is for us to get the maximum pleasure in life".hello?not really.he also wants us to do mitzvos and learn torah.

  7. just one thing, nechama. i agree on the first point. but on the second- torah and mitzvot ARE pleasure. they brng a person closer to Hashem which is the ultimate pleasure. each mitzvah is just another way of accessing pleasure, of connecting with G-d.

  8. do i know you?
    yes,of course but i feel the way the video is presenting it is:all he wants is for us to have pleasure.
    while i am in in full agreement with you on your point,i feel that when we present something to the online world, especially if goyim will be seeing it,we must make our points perfectly clear so as not to confuse anyone.

  9. oh,tamar: how could i forgot?
    hi!i haven't seen you in so long.
    great blog you have there,by the way and keep up the great work.

  10. *waves* hi! and thank you!
    and, I see what ytou are saying, it would have been nice for the video to have explicated what exactly pleasure is. but that all Hashem wants for us is pleasure is often ignored or not known so I think it is so important that outreach videos focus on that fundemental of judaism- that it is not a religion, it is not about rules and lifestyle, but it is a relationship and it is about the pleasure of that relationship.

  11. lol.hello.just saying the truth
    that's a really great point,
    although i would like for it be a bit more in the open.
    oh,that's another great point to focus on!
    i should talk to you people more often.


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