Monday, July 26, 2010

Your Filter

Full of anger shouts the faucet,
rushing, gushing in a stream,
“you’re a bother, you old filter,
you’re a nuisance, you make me scream!

“Always there and in the way,
when my waters wish to play,
when we want to dance and leap,
first, through you we have to seep,
and you tell us: what’s the rush?
why the noise? Why don’t you hush?

“Oh, you filter, full of holes,
can’t you let my waters roll?
can’t you let my waters spray?
up and down and every way?
it’s so much fun to make a splash,
but through you we cannot crash.”

Says the filter soft and quiet,
“faucet, faucet, stop your riot.
stop your splashing in the sink,
listen well and stop to think.

“I was put here for good use,
to filter out the dirt that’s loose,
to get rid of little bugs,
and the sand that tries to plug
all the pipes and stop the flow.
Drinking bugs is a sin you know.

“I stand watch, I stand guard,
day and night, I work so hard,
to make sure that the water’s pure,
and what you drink is clean for sure,
So that when you take a sip,
you won’t need to watch your lip.”

And thus the argument was won,
with a lesson for everyone.
Can you guess the message here?
I think it’s stated very clear.

Use the filter that is yours,
Locked behind your own closed doors,
Filter words before leaving your lip,
and make sure you never slip.
Don’t be in a rush to speak

inspect the words still in your cheek.

I don't know who wrote this but the message is really good. You can create your own filter by watching the words you speak before letting them slip out of your mouth.


  1. So true. We can use "filters" for more than just our mouth. Our eyes, our ears need it to.
    I like this poem. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Dev, you are soooo right (i guess i should admit- ALWAYS right)

  3. WOW! That kind of reminds me of what i once heard and a Chofetz Chiam Heritage Foundation event. (i think) The idea was that we are so careful with what goes into our mouths (there are so many differnt hechshairim-especially in EY) but are we that careful to look and scrutinize what goes out of our mouths. We wouldn't want to taste bad food so why are we so willing to let bad words come out of our mouths?

  4. SIR-that is true too. We definitely have to be careful with what we see, read and listen to because that has an impact on us whether we notice it right away or not.

    tembow-thanks. :-)

    Anon-Thanks for sharing that. It's such a good point! We check the wrappers of foods before we buy them or eat them so we should also check the words we say before we let them slip out of our mouth!


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