Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Davening for Moshiach

This morning, I reread this post, which was posted last year after Tisha B'Av. I think that if you read it (and the comments too!) you will gain a lot from it.

We are all waiting for moshiach and we want him so badly. What we should try to do is keep the message of Tisha B'Av with us and not just bounce right out of the day. Think about it for a minute-the Bais Hamikdosh was still burning on the 10th of Av! We don't fast because our rabbanim felt it would be too much for us to fast for two days in a row. But this is why we wait until after chatzos (about noon time) before doing laundry and listening to music-because Hashem's holy house was still burning!!

One thing we can do to make sure we don't forget the power of the day of Tisha B'Av is to try to remember the churban and daven for the geula every single day. Although this may seem difficult at first, the truth is that mention this in shemona esrei a few times. We say Re'ay v'anyeinu, Hashem, see our pain...u'gealeinu, and bring us out of galus! Tekah Beshofar Gadol, Hashem, please, blow that shofar! V'lirushalayim ircha b'rachamim tashuv, Es Tzemach David, Sim Shalom...don't we need peace in this crazy world already?!

We need to try to have extra concentration by these tefillos. How? By thinking about the reasons why you want moshiach to come and what will change when he comes. Take an extra moment each day, while you are saying any one (or all!) of these tefillos that mentioned to think about what hurts you, what bothers you, what pains you and what you are missing out on so that you can deepen your feelings for why you need and want moshiach to come. Think about the pain and suffering of others - people who need yeshuos in any area and beg Hashem to bring an end to all of it!!

If we keep davening for the geula and having an extra measure of kavannah by these specific parts of davening, we will be showing Hashem that it bothers us that moshiach isn't here and that we want him to come already and hopefully that will help bring him closer!!


  1. We learn that when Mashiach comes, the sick will be healed. But will problems like that of shidduchim be resolved? (I understand if you are not able to offer a confident answer, but i am open to your opinion)

  2. Anon-from what I've always learned, when moshiach comes, all our problems will be taken care of. It will be a life of happiness, peace and bliss.
    Yes, the sick will be healed, people will have the money they need, emotional problems will be non-existant and shidduchim will be made. I can't imagine 1000+ girls getting engaged in one day (!) but if I use my imagination, I can guess as to how it will work.

    When moshiach comes, we will understand the reasons behind our suffering and the pain we went through. And there will be no more pain. So girls who are waiting will not feel pain anymore, either because they will get engaged or they will feel content and not worried about when their time will come - because there will be such clarity that Hashem runs the world and our personal lives that we will have no reasons to worry about anything!!

    Girls will be content with where they are now, they will focus on their avodas Hashem and maybe, yes maybe, more shidduchim will be made because people will inquire about things that really matter and doing their checking based on things that are really important, not trivialities. This will also make a big difference!

    May that time come really soon!!

  3. amen, wow thank you!

  4. Anon-thanks for coming back to let me know you read it!


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