Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to do Real Teshuva VERY IMPORTANT!!

I just wanted to share with you some ideas of how to do teshuva.
you may think its too hard to really do teshuva. So I am here to tell you that Rabbi Ephriam Waxman spoke abt. how to fix up the past yrs. mess ups, and it so much easier than you think!

Rabbi Milstein shared this insight with me:
when you look at a fruit you notice that it is dry, and hard on the outside....
once you take a bite into it, it tastes so refreshing, so juicy, and so delicious...
same with teshuva it may seem so dry.... so hard... but once you do it Ahhhh!!
you get to taste that really refreshing feeling.... it feels so good so juicy.... and once you get to the bottom of the fruit there is a pit and you can now replant it and make a whole bunch of new fruits.... same with teshuva once you do it you can now go and replant YOURSELF YOU ARE NOW A NEW PERSON!
when you do teshuva you erase bad that was in this world!!
bec. whem we are dirty with mud from our avieros we really are causing more reminders to wake us up! But when we do teshuva we are saying HASHEM I WOKE UP!!! WE DON'T NEED ANY MORE REMINDERS!!

you start off by going into a room and closing the door, even taking a walk by yourself,
its your private moment with Hashem:
make sure all cell phones are closed, no emails, no texting, no music just for a few min. completely connect to Hashem and noone else! The main thing is to find a time where you can be alone and just be real with yourself and Hashem.
Think back to last year, what did you do wrong -
1.VIDUY- tell hashem what you did.
i was disrepectful to my mother....
i made fun of a girl...
i lied to my friends....
i watched things i should not have...

2a.CHARATA-tell Hashem i feel so bad about what i did!
Think about how bad you feel bec. hashem gives you so much good. and you used it to go against Hashem!
you gave me eyes and i used them to look at things i should not have...
tell hahem I'M SO SORRY!!! Think of your own ideas of how you want to appoligize to your father in heaven!!
2b.The best way to do teshuva is out of ahavas Hashem
tell Hashem that you love him. Hashem you give me friends, life, happiness, delicious food, inspiration the list can go on....
Hashem i just love you sooo much!
we all know this just reminder how great teshuva is:
If you do teshuva bec. of your love for Hashem then every single aveira that you did will turn into a mitzva!! (says it in the gemara, and Rabbi Wallerstein!)
can you imagine every tiny aveira that you did will become a mitzva! If you tell Hashem how bad you feel that you upset your mother...., and your and your mother is mochel you, guess what IT IS NOW A MITZVA!!!
were almost done!
3. AZIVAS HACHAIT- end the aveira
if you have ability to never do certain things again like a concrete thing that you know is wrong, and now you realize how much you don't want to do it then you can make a plan of what you will do instead of that silly thing!
there are some aveiros where we know we will do it again no matter what cuz its not possible to say i will never talk lashon hara again...
so for every day mitzvos, you can come up with a plan of something you will learn to help you in that area so that slowly you can improve!
4. KABALA AL HAASID- planning for the future
take one small area where you know for sure that you will win!!
Once a week i will make sure that when my mother asks me to come to help her i will go as soon as she calls...
meaning plan a small thing that you are capable of doing!
and see that it really is do able!!
How do you eat a big huge slice of pizza one bite at a time!
As long as Hashem sees you working on yourself you are in for good news!!

The Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation said that they are launching a very easy machsom lefei world wide. Every one who does this plan will bring boundless bracha to the world!
From 9am till 10am just one hour no to spk lashon hara!!
we all could do this! This is def. a way of showing Hashem that you are trying your best!!
pls let me know how you felt about this way of doing teshuva.
If you want to join the machsom lefei pls just send back a post stating that you are joining!!

we need each and every one of you to do something diff. this yr!! last yr. we had more than enough tzaros to wake us up!!!!!!!!!!!
pls. lets show Hashem that we woke up and we dont need any more tragedies to remind us that he wants us to change!!
Hashem is waiting to hear from you!


  1. Wow - I love that mashal of the fruit and then it's a seed and you can plant sooo many good things after that because you become a new person! That's such an amazing thought!!
    Thank you for outlining the steps of how to do teshuva - it's so important to know the steps. And now that we live in a world where we are soo busy running so it's important to stop for a minute and think about what we did and come back to Hashem with love!!

  2. I just read something amazing on teshuva and wanted to share it with you:
    If one tears an important piece of paper in a split second, whether or not it was done willingly, the fact of the matter is that it remains torn, and will remain that way for days, months and years, until the paper is taped. Indeed, if not timely repaired, the rip can get larger and larger, and at some point it may even become irreparable. When a person sins in a moment of indiscretion, he has not simply committed a “split second aveira,” with everything back to normal the next minute. The tear is there--and remains. He must tape it as soon as possible in order to best repair it, and, in fact, the longer one waits, the greater the jeopardy of a worse and even irretrievable loss. We must spend time this week fixing the tears that exist. The first that should be mended are either those that are most torn, those which we are too used to (“it is what it is”), and those in which you have unjustifiably despaired of the rip.

    So we see that it is important to do teshuva right away - so that we can fix the rip!!

  3. Thank you so much for the pratical, down to earth method of doing teshuva!!!!
    By, the way, Anon reminded me of something I heard from Rabbi Tatz:
    A bone breaks at its weakest point but when the break heals, a tough callous forms and that is no longer the weakest point so it can never break there again. As humans, we have character flaws and at our weaknesses, we fall and stumble and sin. BUT, if we do Teshuva properly and repair the break and meldthe weakness back together, we are STRONGER than before at that point and our weakness is now our strength.
    One who has fallen had a character flaw and used the flaw to bring him higher than a pure-from-birth tzaddik!!

  4. omg that was an amzing mashul the fruits and everything! ilove how you put all of the steps nice,short, but very powerful i never knew you could change an avara into a mitzva!!!! wow thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. wow! love that method b/c it comes straight form teh ehart! but iw as owndering how do you do teshuva for some sins you dont remember? like i know i have sinned a lot but i only remeber the big ones or the ongoing challenges! what about the small sins i did? how can i repent for those?

    also my principal, Mrs/Rebbetzin Teller told us a mashal on teshuva; what happens whena person breaks a bone? the bone was perfect and now its damaged. It will heal overtime but it will never be complete again. That person will always feel the rain or bad weather in their bones- they broke it simple the end no dovers.
    teshuva is different- Hahsem gives us an opportunity to completely renew ourselves. back to normal- perfect! like as if we never sinned- clean slates!!!!!!

    how beautiful a gift is that? thats crazy the opportunity hashem is giving us.
    He is amazing!
    thank you so much for your posts- rally inspiring and they totally help me!!!!!!!!

    i feel so good right now! thanx!

  6. wow!! its unreal to see how hard everyone is trying to come close to hashem!! oh!! i know Hashem and the malachim are dancing in shamayim from you bec you are making such a kiddush hashem!! may you feeel Hashems love with every step you take! ask Hashem that you should be zoche to feel soo good after you do teshuva!!
    Beezras Hashem when we are zoche to greet Mashiach we will see how all our seemingly small actions have ripple effects on the world!!

  7. The gift of Elul

    I Feel close to Hashem but it never lasts ... I want to continue on my elevator of growth yet everytime i embark on a new journey it ends up bringing me up then down lower than before. I love you Hashem how can i end this detrimental pattern?

  8. one question... i like almost everything but i have a problem... i know that i do things that are wrong but i dont feel it... and since i dont feel it is almost imposible to stop doing it... how i can change that??

  9. Anon-if you know you are doing things that are wrong but you don't feel it, that doesn't mean you can't change it. It's just that you're used to what you're doing so it doesn't feel so terrible to you. Or maybe you are around other people who are doing the same so it doesn't seem like such a big deal to you.
    What you need to know is this: take baby steps. Don't try to do too much at once because after a short amount of time you'll give up and landed up just where you started (or even further down the spiritual ladder). Figure out what's bothering you about what you're doing and try to find a way to do things slowly. If you take it slow, you're bound to grow!


  10. thank you for this post... i am in a very difficult situation... one i put myself in... doing tshuvah... knowing how to do tshuvah... actually meaning it... behaving better than before, not looking at things i shouldnt, not speaking lashon hara, even when my fellow yid is harming me... i can see how it can all be a bracha... I do love Hashem for all that I have experienced, the good bad and the ugly... its made me a better person... now i simply have to live up to being even a better Yid... may all Yidden return to Hakodesh Barachu

    1. Thank you for your comment. I hope you are able to continue staying strong and moving along on your journey to teshuva and closeness to Hashem. The struggles will make you better and stronger. Don't give up!


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