Sunday, May 5, 2013


I'm playing Badminton with my son on shabbos afternoon. The birdie goes flying and I can't find it.

"Where is it?" I ask my son.

"Right over there," he says, pointing to a spot right near me. I just had to turn my head to look and there it was.

I never even bothered looking, I think to myself.

I am suddenly struck with a powerful thought.

How many times in our lives do we ask, "Hashem...where are you?" without even bothering to look for Him?

How many times, when things are confusing and unclear, do we wonder where Hashem is hiding...when we haven't even made any effort to search for Him?

Is it that hard to find Hashem?

Look out for your eyes...and you will find Him.

It is not so hard.

He is here. He is right here. All you have to do is look for Him.


  1. many time do we actually search, and He IS hiding? Or seems to be hiding?

    And, on the other hand, how many times do we not even bother searching for Him...we forget about Him...and then He's so clearly there...we can't help seeing him?

  2. Anon-this post actually started off much longer and I cut it short because I felt leaving it this way gave it a more powerful message.

    To respond to your comment, yes, there are times when He seems to be hiding. But really, if we open our eyes wide enough, we CAN find Him. In so many places. I may not be that He is hiding for real-but we don't take the time to look for Him, possibly because we are too preoccupied with whatever we are dealing with in our lives. We are too busy to look. Or sometimes, we are in too much pain to take note of Him and instead we ask Him, "Hashem, where are you??" But...He is there...always. We have to make the effort and look.

    I'm not so sure about the second part of your comment...When is He so clearly there?

  3. anon- try every day to look for hashkacha pratis and just try to see where things went very easily for you, and then acknowledge it and thank hashem for it; the more youll see hasem with you...yet i found that when one stops, you wont find any and youll feel distanced, because one day leads to the next and into the next one, and you can forget to look for it;and then realize its not the same...

    devora- its nice short and to the point! love it! whats that game?

    1. That's a good idea-to look out for Hashem in the little things every day. Thank you.

  4. anaon- sorry for the run-on


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