Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Simple Pleasures

The morning sun
A new day, a new beginning
A good nights sleep
The most adorable children
A tasty breakfast
Fresh, clean clothing to wear
The cutest clothes for my little girl
Ears-I can hear my kids converse
They talk to each other like little adults
Energy-I need so much energy to take care of them
And I have it...usually (!!)
We made the school bus...again

Thank you...Hashem.

I can see
I can drive
I can think
I can park
And I do.
I find parking! :)

Thank you...Hashem.

My head works well
I can figure out solutions
Help other people
While I work
Things work out
My work day ends
Time for part two
I make it home in time
In time for my kids and their bus

Thank you...Hashem.

The kids have so much energy
They have so much to say
About their day
Supper-it works
The kids eat their food
Not all of it
But they eat

Thank you...Hashem

They take their baths nicely
Even spill some water out of the tub
But that's all part of the fun
The fun of having little kids
Little kids to take care of
To love
To hug
To kiss
To sing to
To get annoyed with :)
And to discipline
Wrap them in towels
Wrap them in hugs
They get into pajamas nicely
Play a little bit
And then it's bedtime
We say Shema, sing some songs
Give lots of kisses, and sing some more
Close the door...
The kids drift off
What a night!
But it's worth it...
Because I have them
And wouldn't trade them
For anything
Anything in the world
The house is quiet...eventually
Time for my night
To begin
I begin to write...
Instead of doing
I take some time
To think
To thank
To think about
And to thank
For the simple pleasures
For the little things
He has given me
I blessed

Thank you...Hashem.


  1. This was beautiful. It's amazing that you thank Hashem for everything in that way. It's really inspiring.

  2. The beauty of this is...even on those days that things are so overwhelming and it's hard to appreciate all of our blessings...we still wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

  3. L&F-thank you. I try. :)

    Anon-You are so right. No matter what is going on and whether we are able to notice and appreciate these beautiful blessings, we wouldn't trade them precious things for anything in the whole wide world!


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