Monday, March 4, 2013

Dear Precious Newborn

Dear Precious Newborn,

I heard what happened and my heart is breaking for you.

You came into this world without parents-they were killed while you survived. The day of your birth, your birthday, will always be the yartzheit of your parents, of the parents you will never be lucky enough to know.

You will never feel the warmth of a mothers kiss on your cheek. You will never be able to run into your mother's loving arms when you fall and hurt yourself.

You will never be able to be comforted with the simple, innocent cry of "Mommy"...because there will be no one to answer that call.

And you will never have a father to do homework with you, to share special moments with, to sing songs to you or to tell you funny stories.

I don't know your parents. I never did.

And...neither will you.

I heard their story, I heard your story, and connected to your pain.

You will be raised by others. Others who will love you and take care of you...and treasure you.

If there is one thing I can tell you, precious little newborn, one message that I can give over to you, it would be this.

So many of our great people grew up without parents and they became great despite...or because of, their circumstances. They struggled, they fought and they achieved.

Hashem is on your side. Hashem will be with you, little neshama. Hashem put you in this world at the precise moment that He desired...and He chose to take your parents away from you at the very same moment.

We don't understand why.

We can't understand why.

But we do know...that there is a reason.

There is a plan.

And you are a part in it.

Just like your birth was so clearly a miracle, Hashem's hand in your life, your parents death was also a manifestation of Hashem's hand in your life.

Hashem gives...

Hashem gave you life.

Hashem takes...

Hashem took your parents' life.

Yehi sheim Hashem mevorach.

May you be able to see Hashem's hand in your life...always.

May you be able to feel Hashem by your side when you call out "Tatty"...because He is your only Father. The only Father you have.


  1. The baby didn't survive... :(

  2. Tzipporah (formly OnBecomingDevoted)March 4, 2013 at 7:22 PM

    This was so terribly heartbreaking.

  3. Anon-I didn't know that when I wrote this and posted it. That is SO sad. A whole family wiped out...with no children to carry on their names. :(

    Tzipporah-Thank you for stopping by here! I didn't know you are still a reader (and I don't know where to find you anymore...) Yes, you got the right word. This is so heartbreaking.

  4. yes it was but its a real chizuk to those who didnt grow up with their parents,,, if it was phsically or that their parents werent there to fullfill their emotional needs
    Thank you!!
    may hashem coontinue giving you this zechus of being mechazek so many ppl!!!

  5. Anon-At first I wasn't sure how you were able to get that message from this post...but then I realized-I wrote this before I heard the baby didn't make it was a letter to the little newborn giving him encouragement to go through his life without parents. So now I see how you took that message of chizuk. You are so right-even if someone has physical parents, sometimes they cannot take care of the emotional needs of their children and they are on their own in that regard.

    Amen to your bracha!


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