Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dear Precious Neshama

Dear Precious Neshama,

So many people are mourning your loss. People who didn't know your family, and who surely didn't get to know you in the short time you spent here on this earth.

But your story is touching so many.

You are proof, once again, of how much we humans cannot understand.

Your short life is one big mystery...in our little minds.

One big question mark.

One big question.

A question that cannot be answered.


Why so much pain?

Why were you put into this world for such a short amount of time...only to return to shamayim without doing, without accomplishing?

There is no one to sit shiva for you. No one to mourn your loss.

So instead, all of us are mourning.

All of us are crying.

All of us are in pain.

But you, you have accomplished whatever you were put here to do. You didn't need as much time as the rest of us. You had to take a measured amount of breaths in this world...and then you were ready to ascend to the next world.

You are so pure, shining little soul.

You are so completely clean, precious neshama.

You are so holy.

You were encased in holiness in those few months that your mother carried you, spending all your time learning with a malach...all you would have to know.

What did you learn in there, little neshama?

What did the malach teach you?

What did you need to learn if you were going to be taken so soon after your body entered this world?

So many questions.

I certainly don't have answers.

Little neshama, now you are in a lofty place. You are together with your parents, together with your mother, together with your father...and together with our tatte in himmel, the only Father each of us can call our own.

You are so close to kedusha. You are in a place of clarity.

You understand everything we wish we can understand.

Precious, shining neshama, can you please have a little conversation with your Father, with my Father, with Our Father?

Can you please ask Him to put an end to our pain? An end to our suffering?

Can you please ask Him to replace our tears of sorrow, of anguish and of despair...with tears of joy, of happiness and of hope?

We've been hoping for so long. We've been waiting for too long.

Don't you think it's time?

Precious neshama, I know you can hear me. Please...I wish I can hear your answer.

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  1. So, so sad. :(
    I keep thinking about this baby's grandparents - about how much they lost - and my mind can't even go there. I can't even begin to imagine that kind of pain. It's too much. How will they go on? My heart is aching for them...


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