Thursday, March 1, 2012

we need your tears to destroy all the terrible decrees so that mashiach can come already:)!! pls daven for all of us this purim!!

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  1. this is sooo beautiful wowoowwo!! we need to think of the pain of our brothers and sisters all over and really cry for them!!! rivky thank sooo much for letting us know about this beautiful clip i am soo touched by seeing that all our tefillos are going up and affecting things in shamayim!!! may we be zoche to feel the geula coming closer and closer to reallly see this nevua coming true!! and no tears will be left to be cried!!! ever again lets make it happen we have the power!!! lets daven and beg hashenm to end this galus we may forget how much we need to leave till hashem reminds us!! pls hashem have rachmanus on us and just cuz youlove us and miss us soooo much pls rebuild your home and then we will all sing and dance and be home with our father in heaven and get such a real embrace where hashem you will tell us wooow!! you made it and now we are done forever!!!! PLS END IT REAL SOON WE CANT WAIT FOR THATR GLORIOUS BAIS HAMIKDOSH!!!


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