Monday, March 19, 2012

In Style

I posted this once before and wanted to share it with you once again.

There are many challenges when it comes to dressing properly. I recently read this
mashal and thought it would help those who are having a hard time choosing the right things to wear. I'm curious to hear what you think about this since it's a very touchy topic and sometimes girls are not given the proper hashkafos and direction about this special mitzvah of tznius.

Did you ever see little kids looking at their parents albums? They'll all be saying the same thing. Oh my! Look at those hairstyles, look at those clothes...That's SO odd! How could you ever wear such styles?

It's all in whose looking at it.

So now, try to picture the celestial judges looking at you in the album. Realize that those short skirts really don't look so cute anymore! The things that are so in style and trendy down here on this world are viewed in a whole different light in the next world!!

Does this change your perspective in any way? Do you think this thought can help you dress properly in the future?


  1. ooohhhh!!!!SO CHARIFF!!! n soo truu

  2. but its really hard because achshav were down here. so we can think about that, but the people who see us NOW still judge us! aaaahhhh it's so hard i truely truely only want to care about what Hashem thinks of me, i know every single speech, i can repeate them all off to you, but l'maisah it's really really hard! Hashem, help me overcome this chalenge!!!!


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