Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spoken Words-A Poem

This poem was written by S.R. Thank you for emailing it to me and allowing me to share it with everyone here.

I talked to You, Hashem, today

I wonder if You heard.

I tried to pick up forsaken treasures

But did You hear my words?

I opened pages so close, so far

And read aloud each word.

A voice once hesitant again poured forth

As the soul inside me stirred.

I wondered as I stood alone

Two feet close like one,

If I were an angel by Your side,

Could I still be Your son?

Did you know when I was far

That pain was there like stones-

Blocking off my path to go

Obstructing ways once home?

Were You there when I was lost

At the times I couldn’t see-

In the moments when all was dark

Too much for me to see me?

In those days, the longest yet

Far outstretching years,

When I sat low, detached, so far,

Why’d you have faith in me?

Was it okay that I talked to none

You’re presence inclusive with all?

For like I said, I was a son

Leaving angels for Your halls…

Why, now, after I stayed so far

When I try to connect with You,

Does something say it’s okay for me

To speak the words I do?

Is it really when I’ve strayed so far

And connection brought to nil-

Unable to muster three short words

Content with “One day I will.”?

Why, within me is a voice

That says, “Child, it’s fine.”

For between the words “One day I will”,

Was, ‘Dad, still call me Mine.”

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  1. yum! heart rendering thak yo so much for sharing!


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