Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spiritual Growth

Growing in purity is often like a caterpillar climbing a staircase. For the caterpillar, stairs are a challenge. After a short upwards incline, the caterpillar reaches a plateau, a long flat surface that is not going up at all. Things go smoothly for a while as the caterpillar traverses this surface, until the he hits a wall. It seems like the end of the road. The journey has reached a dead end.

But after bumping into this wall, the caterpillar looks around and realizes that the journey is not over at all. The only way is up. So the caterpillar starts climbing. He then understands that this was not a dead end. It was the next step upwards, to reach a new height. What seemed like an obstacle was actually an invitation to go higher.

The same happens in our Avodas Hashem. After an initial high, we come to a flat period where things coast along. Suddenly, the Yetzer Hara attacks again and new obstacles appear that seem to threaten everything we've gained until now. It looks like we've failed and the journey is over. But this is normal. We are being beckoned to go to a higher level, to raise ourselves above our current state and reach upward. It is at this moment that we need to look up and start climbing.

Growing closer to Hashem is not always a steep incline. That would be too exhausting. The plateaus give us time to reenergize, and they are just there to prepare us to go to the next level. But the challenge is in front of you. Grab it, and caterpillar your way to new heights!


  1. Wow! Thanks :) I love when I feel like the posts are talking straight to me!

  2. Wow Devoiry that was such a good one!!! thanks so much for sharing!
    It is so true how you compared our growth in avodas Hashem to a caterpillar climbing up a stair case!! I rlly like that comparison.
    You are ttly right! And a person who is a growing psn, realizes that there is gonna be challenges in the way but that is only to enable them to reach greater heights!! and to not let the y"h in the way to make you fall! That is when the choice is ours to become an even greater person and climb higher with our kochos!!! :)

  3. Thank you. I should have written that I didn't actually write this post-I got it as an email. But I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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