Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Giving Back

Watch this touching video and let me know what you think. It's a little long and takes patience but if you watch it slowly, you can take a message from it.

What I took from it is-it's amazing to see how much a parent does for a child...and that when the parent ages it is time for the child to give back. Sometimes, an elderly parent can be almost like a child in their ability or inability to do certain things. It takes patience for a child to be able to see through it all and be able to really give back to their parent-in the way their parent gave to them.


  1. im crying. it's so scarry how inratefull we are to are parents. They Raised Us. they gave us EFVERYTHING. and one little thing they do that annoys us we get so upset. u know how manny times we do things wrong and our parents just ignore it. because thats their job. their parnts but us, no. we cant seem o look past anything. why cant people just love their parents and apreciate them, and look past the little annoyances they look past so many of ours?

  2. fuldemi have seen this video b4 and love it!
    it carries a really deep message.


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