Friday, August 5, 2011

Imagine If...

By: Chaim Bashevkin
I posted this last year but want to share the message with you once more.

I look up in
This roasting heat
To a sky without a cloud
And in my mind
Diverse views meet
And I start to think aloud

What if no clouds
Would fill the sky
And it's forever blue
And no rain would fall
On our parade
What would I ever do?

And if the sun
Would shine each day
And everything would grow
What if I think
At Heaven's gate
I truly do not know

What if no one
Were ever ill
And hospitals were bare
And people would have
All the cash
And spend it without care

What if no one
Would ever come
Knocking on my door
And Sunday mornings
We could learn
And breakfasts never more

What if no one
In shul would squabble
'bout a chair or seat
And smile and
Say "Shalom"
To everyone they meet

What if learning
Would not cost a dime
And parnassah would
Be so easy
That we'd all have the time

To sit and learn
And no da'agah on our mind
And dole out joy
Kiddush Hashem
To all of His mankind

Imagine if
Each gentile
Would point fingers and say
"Please teach us how
To live our lives
In your Holy Torah's way"

And all will join together
By cars, by boat, by plane
To see the holy mountain
Where His Majesty does reign

And now I look
Once more on High
And see dark clouds above
Remembering that
In a week
Comes once more Tisha B'Av

But my imagination
It will not dissipate
Unlike the clouds that surely will
As I anticipate

All the great things
That I saw
Will surely soon appear
And clouds of darkness
And of gloom
Will quickly disappear

For shining brightly
Through the clouds
Hashem's glory will show
And Tisha B'Av
Will celebrate
A world we soon shall know

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