Monday, February 7, 2011

What Do You Pray For?

Watch this video and think about the fact that Hashem runs the world and can give you anything! Every little detail of your life is planned by Him! So when something goes wrong or there's something you really want, ask Him for it!

Nothing is too big or too small for Him to do!
(Note: If you are reading this in google reader and it does not show up, please come directly to the blog to watch the video.)

I also think it's adorable to see what little kids ask for - the innocence of a little child, to know that you can ask G-d for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING - from making friends to (my favorite) owning Toys R Us!!


  1. sootrue!!! sometimes i feel like if i dont really need it how can i ask for it but this helped clarify things a bit. if u can explain this concept more because many times i feel that if i dont really need it i probably shouldnt have it.
    Than ks!it was soo cute!!
    keep up this amazing blog!!!

  2. LB-Tefillah is not about getting what you want, it's about building a relationship with Hashem. How does Hashem make sure we turn to Him? By making sure there are things in life that we lack. So you don't have to worry about whether or not something is best for you because Hashem will only give you something if it's good for you!

    You do yours - you daven for what you want, because through that you are enhancing your relationship with Hashem. Then, it's up to Him to decide if He'll give it to you or not!

    The point of this video was to show that nothing is too small or too big to ask Hashem for - just watch how these little children express it! It's totally precious!!


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