Monday, February 14, 2011


This was posted once before but it's a good one and I wanted to put it up here once more so you can gain from it.

"Worrying is like a rocking chair, it keeps you going but gets you nowhere."

I was thinking about this when I was worrying about something. I kept thinking, "what if this happens?!" and "what if that happens?!" and then I said to myself, "You know, there are so many things that could go wrong but don't and all you have to do is put your trust in Hashem. Hashem loves you and only has the best things in mind for you. All you have to do is believe in Him."

I had to keep thinking these thoughts and reminding myself that I am totally in Hashem's hands. Hashem loves me and wants to keep me happy so why should I worry so much? And besides, it's true that worrying won't accomplish anything productive at all! All it does is make you nervous. And that wont really get you very far!!

So why do I worry so much? I think it's because I need to strengthen my emunah in Hashem. Because if I really trusted that Hashem only wants to make me happy and only wants to do good for me, I wouldn't worry so much. In fact, I wouldn't worry at all!! Now, it's easy to say that I shouldn't worry at all, but there are things on my mind and I do think about the things that could go wrong in my day, in my week ahead and in the month that is coming along. But no! Hashem does not want us to spend our time worrying and thinking negative thoughts. He wants us to think positive and trust in Him. Thinking positive is very productive because then you want to follow your thoughts.

It's like this: If I wake up in the morning thinking, "Oh no! It's raining outside! It's gonna be a horrible day..." then, yes, chances are that my day wont turn out so nicely. But if I wake up that same morning and say, "Modeh Ani! Thank you Hashem that I am alive and healthy! Hey! It's raining outside! I'll take an umbrella and I'll be fine." The rain didn't go away but my attitude is what will make all the difference!

So next time you have thoughts that make you nervous, think about the rocking chair, it just moves back and forth, back and forth...but doesn't get you anywhere! That's what worrying is like, it keeps you thinking those same, "what if" thoughts again and again but you end up in the same place, without moving at all!

Read the comments on it too. Last time I posted it some questions were answered there!


  1. I love the quote about the rocking chair!It's such a true quote!
    when you worry its usually keeping your mind on the future and not the present! and boy is it keeping it going!-and not only that but in the wrong direction!
    We have to learn to live the present fully and every moment and every second to the fullest! Whatever is going on right now in your life this second is the most important second of your life. Every minute is precious and when we worry we are using a feeling that is taking us over and its really getting us nowhere. So it's normal to worry but the next time you are even thinking to worry why dont you place that worry with a positive one?
    Am I living for Hashem the way I should? Am i careful with my speech and conduct? Am i being the best eved Hashem that i can be? And when you connect to hashem with every worry you have, it will just make things so much easier because hashem is always with you wherever you go and whatever you do! and you have to remember that our loving father is always watching and taking care of us! Nothing is too hard for Hashem to handle. Also when you talk to Hashem and tell him what your worried about, it takes a whole lot off your shoulders!

  2. re: your comment...

    thank you for your kind words! It's been swimming in my heads for DAYS and I just had to put it out there. Sometimes the only way I can move fwd is to put myself out there. When I write i have music that goes along with it - a flow, a beat, a rhythm, a sway that's only in my head. I wish I could it on the paper too - but for now the words will have to do.

  3. Anon-thanks! That's so true - when you put your worries in Hashem's hands, you feel so much lighter, like you could go on because He will take care of you! It's much easier said than done and something that needs constant reinforcement. Reading and writing about it definitely helps - at least for me!

    Elle-I think not only should you put it out there on paper - but I think you should produce a cd so others can hear it as a song and be inspired. I'm serious. It's an incredible piece!!


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