Monday, July 1, 2013

God’s Invisible Love-A Poem

A friend of mine, LDL, shared the following poem she wrote and gave me permission to post it here.

Sometimes, when you read something and you know who it is coming from, it has a much stronger impact. Although you don't know her, the author of this poem has experienced a lot in her life. The fact that she was still able to write these words, even though she has been through so much makes reading it all the more powerful.

Sometimes when we don’t think and are in pain
We feel like in our life there is no gain
Shattered broken and alone
With nowhere to go

Keep in mind there is someone that cares
He is high up in the sky
Not a day goes by
Even with our fears
Know for us he is there

God listens to our cry
And wipes our tears
He is hugging us tight
And whispers, it will be alright

Someday you will see
That all was meant to be
Its just in the moment
When were numb and blind
Worrying that happiness we wont find

God is smiling to you
Saying, I love you my dear
I might be invisible
But I see your tears

I am holding your hand
Don’t be scared
It’s time to let go my child
With closed eyes
I spread my wings
Let go of my pain
Its time to fly

I know he’s here
Always at my side
Watching from above
Showering me with his love.


  1. This is beautiful. I just heard in a shiur given by Chevi Garfinkel that though we may have pain and hardships in life, it's still a good life. We may not see it while we're going through it but it's comforting to have the knowledge that it IS good.

    1. Yes, that's's comforting to have that knowledge, especially when we don't see it. We need to know that everything is for our ultimate benefit. Hashem isn't in it for Himself-we go through things for our own good. And if we can't see it now, at least we can know...deep down...that there is a purpose, there is a reason.

  2. sun inside rain- looks like i found out a sternberger!!!lol that sure gave it away...

    deveoiry- wow!looks amazing very inspiring! thanks for sharing, and whoever shared you this poem must be really special, and has loads of emunah!

    1. Thank you. Yes, the one who wrote this poem is a very special person...who has a lot of emunah. But it is something we all must work on constantly. That's what we're here for!

    2. Nope, I never went to Sternberg but I do love Chevi Garfinkel and listen to her shiurim when I can. She's amazing :-)


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