Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby Steps

Focus on the goal, they say.

Keep moving, even if you're taking tiny steps, is what you hear.

In life, sometimes it's hard to stay focused.

Sometimes, the goal seems so far away, so out of reach. It feels...almost frightening to look ahead. To think ahead.

We wonder...what will be?

What does Hashem have in store?

At times like these, it may be helpful to shift your focus. Instead of focusing on the goal, you need to take some time to be present.

Celebrate your little accomplishments.

Focus on the baby steps you are taking. Teeny tiny baby steps that will take you...ever so the place you are hoping to reach.

Because, Hashem is guiding you. He is leading you along the path of life-that is sometimes bumpy, sometimes smooth and sometimes curvy and confusing.

But He is always there...with matter which part of the journey you are on.

And when you are struggling to achieve things that seem way beyond your reach, it can be disheartening...and that's when it's important to stop for a move the lens over...and take note of the small things you are doing that are helping you move forward.

Baby steps.

Little steps.

Movement...sometimes so minuscule it's almost hard to notice how big each step really is.

But it's progress.

And it's better than staying where you are.

Because staying in the same place is really moving backwards.

How so?

If you would be moving one internal inch forward every day, then at the end of the week you will have moved seven inches. But if one day you don't move that one inch, you took a step back, and at the end of the week you've only moved six inches, six inches of internal change. You've lost an inch of change...and you're one step behind.

You've moved back.

Every little step you take is a reason to be proud.

It's tough...but you did it once. And you'll do it again.

Each step you take gives you the motivation, the push, the inner strength to keep going, to keep moving. To take another step. And another. And hopefully another.

Yes, the goal may seem overwhelming when you look at what you are aiming for.

That's why it's so crucial to zoom in on each step, notice and celebrate the little accomplishments...because they will get you to your ultimate goal. 

With each step, you put one step in front of the other...and you will get there.


Only you know.

So go ahead...and take those small steps, one at a time.

And when you fall back, because so many times it does happen, don't get discouraged. You can do it...and you will. Pick yourself up, and start again. Even if you got pushed back to your starting point. Even if it seems so frustrating to have to begin all over again. Even if things seem so difficult. You did it before, you took those small steps...and you were starting to get there. And you will.

Life happens. Some things are not in our control. We don't understand why Hashem makes us experience challenges...but through those tests we will exercise our spiritual muscles.

The only things we can do-and we must do-is try. Again and again.

No matter what, we must keep trying.

We must keep moving.

Tiny, little, baby steps.

Take those at a time.

It will be worth it.

And don't forget to ask Hashem for help along the way. He is guiding you. He is with your side. It may be difficult, but when you remember Who put you through this challenge, you will also remember Who to turn to for help. Because He is always there. Always listening. And always there to help. He is your Father...and He loves you.

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