Friday, January 4, 2013

A Parshah Poem

Parshas Shemos
The Jews enslaved
Put to work
Backbreaking labor
Not much time to think
Just work work work
No time for a drink
No time for much
Except work
Gather materials
Keep moving
Keep going
Keep working
No stopping.
In between
The schlepping
The dragging
The pulling
A Jew lets out
A sigh
A sigh of pain
Of emotion
Of despair
Of prayer
No time to talk
No time to express
Real prayer
So instead
They groaned
They sighed
They cried
They expressed
That which real words
Cannot express
And Hashem
He heard
Vata'al shav'asam
Their outcry
Their deep expression of pain
Went up
Rose up
To the highest Heavens
And He heard
Their unspoken words
Their sigh
Their groans
Their cries
Spoke volumes
That only Hashem
Could hear
Could really know
The meaning behind
The depth of
Their pain.
The message
We all
Can take
Is the same
Hashem knows
Hashem hears
Your unspoken words
When pain is too strong
To talk
To express
Real words of prayer
He still hears
The silent whisper
The silent voice
Behind each sigh
Behind each cry
Direct it to Him
He hears
He knows
He understands
And He listens.
Much has changed
Since the time
We spent
In mitzrayim
We are not tortured
Put to work
Forced labor
But we go through
Of pain
It's the same
We're the same
We turn to Hashem
Our Father
In those moments
Of despair
Of pain
Of emotion
In prayer
With that same sigh
With that same cry
He listens.


  1. Wow...that so touched me. It's beautiful.

  2. beautifully written, thanks Devo ;)

  3. Thank you for sharing Devoiry!! Really powerful!! Such an amazing post!! It's so true- Hashem knows exactly whats going on, and its sometimes hard to express it, but Hashem knows every detail, and every dot that a person goes thru, and Hashem really wants a person to turn to him, and express themselves and connect to him as much as they can. There are times, unfortunately, a person has to "wake up" to call out to Hashem when they are in pain, wheather big or small, cuz thats what gives them a wake up call. What hashem really wants is for the person to open up their heart and connect to him ALWAYS. When a person is healthy, happy, when things are good, we have to learn to dance with joy and thank hashem with true meaning! and not just let it go by. Cuz when things are routine, ppl tend to forget, and things just go by as "normal", so it can be harder to appreciate.
    There is a mashal I once heard: A man was standing on the roof of a huge building, and he wanted people to look up at him, so he started throwing down 1 dollar bills all over the place, and ppl came, picked up the money, and left. So he then threw down 5 dollar bills, again, same story, ppl came and then left. He then tried 10, 20, 50 dollar bills. Ppl came, grabbed the money and left. Next, he thought, this will get the people to look up at me- So he threw down 100 dollar bills, Again- ppl ran to pick up the money, but no one bothered to look where its coming from. The man got so upset, that he decided this is enough!! Now i will REALLY get them to look up- He threw a vase glass, and the glass shattered all over the place. Then everyone looked up, and saw where it's coming from.
    Nimshal: Hashem showers us with sooo many dollar bills every day- health, happiness, family, a job, friends, house, food, clothing, sooo many things that the list doesnt end. And not always does a person appreciate, and realize where it's coming from! Not always do we thank hashem when things are normal. So therefore a person is sometimes put thru pain, (the vase has to break) to get them to open up their hearts and really connect to Hashem. Hashem does not want a person to go thru pain, but that is what s/t gets a person to appreciate what they have and connect to him! And hopefully, that will make a person really appreciate what they have, belev shalem, and dance for joy, with true meaning, when things are good. And challenges are there to help a person grow and become a new person. The thing is to really take the lesson and make it LAST!!!


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