Monday, September 5, 2011

Do You Deserve It?

Sometimes, when things get tough, a person can think to themselves, what did I do to deserve this?

But in truth, if you think about it, what do we really deserve?


Does Hashem owe you anything at all?

He wakes you up every morning.

He keeps you breathing every second of the day.

He gives you so many little things-little things that you may sometimes fail to notice because they seem so insignificant-until they are taken away.

Like simple health.
Nothing complicated.
Just the fact that you can breath...what happens when you get a cold? All of a sudden you realize what a gift it is to be able to breath from your nose!

He gives you a social life.

He gives you a job, a school, things to do to keep you busy.

He sends people who care into your life.

He is constantly giving, giving, giving.

Even if you do good things does that make you deserving of anything?

Hashem created you! He doesn't owe you a thing.

The fact that you can do those good things, the ability to walk to do chessed, the strength you have to help others...all this comes from Him.

But...He loves you.

And so...He continues to give to you.

So next time you wonder if you really deserve something difficult that is happening in your life, take a moment to think about all the good things you have that you don't either deserve.

Hashem loves you.

He'll never stop giving.

Say thank you and are lucky you get so much more than you deserve.


  1. Devoiry that was awesome! And it is sooo true! A million percent!!! Hashem is constantly giving us and there is so many little things and big things to be grateful for every second of the day!!! Yes, we really gotta appreciate big time!!! Thanx so much for sharing!:)

  2. I think that there are some basic things that we expect. I'm not saying it's right, but for many of us, that's how it is. When something bad happens, we see it as a punishment, and when something good happens, we see it as a reward - or a gift. So...if something bad happens, we wonder what we did to deserve it. Why do we deserve that punishment? Of course Hashem doesn't owe us anything, and of course we should appreciate all the good we get...even if we didn't do anything to deserve it...but when something bad happens, doesn't it make sense to wonder why, and did we do something to deserve it?

  3. yum! thanx for taking time to write such an amazing arrticle! i read in "stop surviving, start living" that the tevah of the world is that H' gives us goood to bad in a ratio of 500/1! and we all think about our lives and see those litle 1% its crazy if you think about it! the 5oo is happening every sec.


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