Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Dress to be Blessed
What is the dream of every Jewish girl?
To find the best chosson in the world.
Oh, how you daven day and night!
That torah should be his real delight.
Your dream can come true.
It’s all up to you.
If you are careful, with the way you dress and speak,
You can be zoche to reach the mountain's peak.
The reward for this mitzvah is so great,
Let us all stop and appreciate.
That Hashem repays one thousand times,
It is really true, it's not for the rhymes!

You will be zoche to have children who love Hashem,
And who light up the world to those around them.
They will have great middos that truly shine.
This comes from a mother who is careful all the time.
From illness and sickness you will be protected.
In addition, your heartfelt tefillos will be accepted.
Hashem will bentch you with riches and wealth,
This mitzvah will truly improve your health.

Techiyas Hameisim may seem so far away in your eyes,
But let me tell you, you'll be in for a surprise.
The sweat, from the times you covered your skin,
Hashem will pour it over your body and techiyas hameisim will begin.
Your face will have an everlasting glow,
This is something important you should know.

You will feel confident and respected,
As long as with as smile, this mitzvah you perfected.
You will feel Hashem in everything you do,

Especially, when things are confusing or hard for you.
The ultimate geula, we all are waiting for,
There is so much that Hashem has for us in store.
In whose zechus will we get to greet?
Moshiach ben David who we are longing to meet.

All these brachos sound too good to be true,
Is it possible to have them all happen to you?
You may know people who are as careful as can be,
Yet they do not get all this- it’s clear to see!
We must remember that Hashem has His plans,
Although at times we may not understand.
Even though right now you do not see the fruits of your labor,
We know for certain Hashem will save it for later.
Everything is calculated perfectly,
Whatever happens, is for your good ultimately.
We know for certain that by upgrading ourselves in this mitzvah,
We are holding in all the bracha,
We surely will be rewarded with tremendous hatzlacha!
Written by: Devoiry Saull
(Taken from Daughters of Dignity)


  1. This idea is awesome! never thought of it that way! I feel like such a lucky princess!

  2. omggg thiss iss soo awesomee mann:) chaya sara and devoiry and chana chaya wolpin put this on the blog!! thanks ssoooooo much!! leahla landau got this beautiful picture and chana faiga!thanks so much!!
    from shalsheles !!

    love ortal:)

  3. I always loved that idea- of the sweat becoming the Tal of Tchiat HaMaitim. As summer sets in and we are covering up more than the rest of the world, it's such encouragemet that every time I feel hot- I will be cherishing each bit Bimhaira BiYamainu


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