Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hungry-a Poem

Recently, while looking through some old things I wrote, I found this poem. I hope you like this message as much as I do.

Take a drink
Can of soda
Snap and pop
Open up
And pour it out
Take a sip
Let the taste
The fizz
Tickle my tongue
It fills me up
Makes me feel full
My thirst
Has not been quenched
I want more
But there is no more
The full feeling
Sits in my tummy
But slowly subsides
And I realize
I'm still hungry
Need something more
Something else.
In life
We feel hungry
For something
To fill our souls
Our hearts
Our lives
Our days and nights
With fulfillment
With meaning
But the fizz
The excitement
The bubbly feel
The colorful choices
Of drinks
Entice us
And we take a sip
Finish the can
In physicality
In pleasures
In fleeting pleasures
That don't last
Out to eat
Out to shop
To the mall
To the shops
To the restaurants
To ice cream
We're never satiated
We want more
We chase them all
But we don't feel full
Something's missing
That inner yearning
That inner thirst
Cannot be quenched
By physicality
By materialistic pleasures alone
There's more

There's more to life.

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  1. You have real talent Devorah.
    As someone who is surrounded by people who are chasing the fleeting pleasures and being mocked for feeling empty, this poem really struck a chord. Its so true, you cannot compare the feeling after a shopping spree to the amazing feeling of sitting through a speech and feeding your neshama.
    One feels so empty, so confused, so alone. By listening to shiurim or reading things, one can feel an intense desire to find the truth and quench the thirst.


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