Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Message of Hope

I'm in the kitchen. Baking. Listening to music.

I'm listening to a great song. One with a message.

I wrote about that song before. It's called Conversation in the Womb and is about two unborn children-both unsure about the next world. One is an optimist and one a pessimist.

Just as the song finishes, I crack open an egg and see...twin eggs.

I crack eggs all the time. When are they ever twins? Just about never. But this time, there they are. Cute, two little yellow yolks in one eggshell.

I think about the song I just listened to, that I so quickly dismissed as soon as the next song started to play. I want to internalize this message.

I think about the climax of the song. When the optimist baby gives out a scream because he has finally entered the next stage of life. The pessimist, hearing the piercing cry, assumes it's all over, his brother must have died. But this is not death, it is actually an entrance into a whole, new, beautiful life. 

In life, we go through challenges. We can either be pessimistic about the tests we've been given, thinking of them as the end. 

The screams of pain...what are they? 

Does that mean everything is all over?

The optimist says, No, it's not over. This is just a new beginning. The beginning of a whole new life.

Yes, we are tested in life. Yes, sometimes we need to cry out. But that cry should be a message to us...a message of hope.

When things get tough and you wonder how you will go on, try to look at it with this new perspective. 

These specific challenges are here to form you. To create you. They will give you a whole new life. Your life will not be the same as it used to be, sitting in a protective little bubble. Now that you've been exposed to the harsh realities of this world, look at is as a chance for rebirth. For renewal. You are on your way to becoming a new being.

The optimist realizes that the pain he is experiencing is the pain of transition. But this transition will open up a new world for him. No longer will he be protected by his mother. He will now step out into this world and have the opportunity to become a different person. To laugh, to play, to interact, to make a difference.

The pessimist sees this cry, the pain of challenge as the end. This is it. There is no life past this. He cannot even deal with the thought of transition. 

Let us try to be like the optimist, realizing and internalizing that change, although hard, can bring us to better places. Transition is painful. But by going through that difficult phase, we can become different people. We won't be stuck in patterns of the past. We will be able to create new realities for ourselves in our lives.

Two eggs in the shell. Two babies in the womb. A message of hope.


  1. Devoiry!!!!! Beautiful article!!! Amazing thoughts!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!! You always know how to connect anything you experience and make it so meaningful it's unbelievable!!! Instead of just moving on, you delve into it and connect it to real deep thoughts!!!
    I really like the message you brought out.Thanks for the inspiration! You are an inspiration!!! You write and think beautifully!!

  2. It seems to me like you're talking about 2 different things. There's change - which can be difficult and painful, but it's not so hard to imagine that it can lead to renewal. It's not so hard to be optimistic. And then there's challenges/pain - and it might be harder to imagine that leading to renewal or rebirth. It's just painful. I know that the challenges are here to help us grow, to help us become better people, but maybe it's too much to expect someone going through challenges, while they are in pain, to be optimistic or happy or thankful.

    I love your blog, and I love your posts. This is in no way a criticism of anything you wrote. It's just something that I struggle with and I hope to reach that level some day. Thank you for helping me get there.

  3. Beautiful! That song is one of my favorites...

  4. Rivky-thank you...for your comment and compliment :)

    Anon-True, it's hard to imagine challenges and pain leading to renewal, but that's what we need to work on internalizing. I wasn't talking about being happy or thankful for the pain while experiencing it. (That's a level I'll leave for people a lot greater than me...) I meant reaching a point where we truly feel that there is a purpose to the pain. It's not the end. If while experiencing the tests of life, we are able to be optimistic about them-not thankful-just aware of their purpose, that awareness can give us hope and the strength to pull through.

    Thank you. You WILL get there.

    Anon-Thank you. I have too many favorites... :)


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