Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Keep on moving
Keep on going
Keep the pace
No matter what
Sometimes you feel tired
Sometimes you feel drained
But you have to keep going
That is what they say
Don't stop
Don't drop
You can hop
If you must
If you can't
Keep jumping
But keep pumping
Heart thumping
Even if your bumping
Feeling lost.

This is Life
You can't stop
Even if
You feel a drop
Don't stop
Keep going
There is a purpose
A reason 
The drop
When you go down
When you fall
Just know
That your fall
Can be the reason for
Your biggest jump
You'll move up
And get to places
You never could have gotten to
Without that fall
Not at all
You may have stayed
In a nice, cozy place
With a smile on your face
Moving at a steady pace
Now that you fell
Only you can tell
How much you will swell
How much higher you can reach
How much you will be able to teach
About Life
Because of your Life.
Because of how you changed
From your fall
It's precisely because
You fell that low
It's precisely because
Now you know
How far you can go
And how much you can do
Become a better you
Those challenges,
Those falls,
Those valleys
Will help you reach
Will help you climb
Until you reach
Your summit
Your high point.

It's like...
A trampoline
You need to bounce down
In order to rise up
That much higher.
The stronger your bounce
The deeper your fall,
The higher you jump
The further you go.
If you take a little walk
Around the trampoline
You won't reach great heights
No, you'll stay where you are.
The ones who leap
The ones who are brave
Who let themselves bounce
Who are aware of their falls
Will be the ones
Who will get high
Only because
They went down so deep
Only because
They fell that low.
The fall is the cause
It's what makes them
It's what enables them
To jump so high.

Sefira is the time
When we are meant to grow
When we are meant to go
Every day
Klal Yisroel rose
To a very high level
By falling
By stumbling
By landing
So low
And then climbing
Ever so slowly
Inching their way up
To the top of the mountain.
It's because they were in mitzrayim
It's because they were so low
That they were able to go
That they were able to grow
That they were able to reach
Such high heights.
They fell
They climbed
They were at the bottom
At the very rock bottom
Of the spiritual staircase
But they did it
They persevered
They rose
They climbed
Day by day
Until they were ready
To receive the greatest gift
The Torah.
The gift that teaches
How to be the best person
How to climb
How to achieve
How to improve

How to live

Is about
Rising when we fall
But we must fall
In order to rise
It may come as a surprise
But those who fall
Can become even greater
Than those who never fell.
Those who are tested
Those who go through challenges
And come out of them
Ready to move on
Ready to keep climbing
Ready to help others climb
They are 
Of this Life.

So keep on jumping
Keep on pumping
Keep on going
Keep on rolling
Keep on hopping
But no, no stopping
And if you fall
When you fall
Don't despair
Just remember
You'll get better
You'll improve
You will not lose
And it will be worth it
Worth the fall
Worth the sweat
Worth the tears
Worth the years
Of work
Because one day
You will look back
Look back and see
How that fall
Brought you so much higher.
And that
That is the purpose
Of Life.


  1. I'm tearing up as I read this. Everything you're saying is so true. I know it from personal experience. And, while I may not have chosen my challenges and falls, I know that I could never have become the person I am today without them. Thank you.

  2. Devora, this is an awesome poem! Thank you for sharing it


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