Monday, November 25, 2013

When There's a Way Out

I posted this last year and wanted to share the message with you once again.

The story of Chana and her seven sons.

It's a story that is so hard to understand.

How did a mother watch all her children, one after the next, get killed?

Was she proud that they stood up for what was right?

That they didn't give in?

Did she wish one of them would have succumbed?

Will we ever know?

I want to focus on a different part of this story for a minute.

When the last child, the youngest of all seven, stood before the king and was asked to bow down, he refused. Just like all his brothers.

The king had mercy on this little innocent child. He decided to give him a little opening, a chance to remain alive. He threw his ring to the ground and asked the child if he would pick up the ring. Although this would mean bowing down to the idol, since that wouldn't be the little boy's intention, it would be fine...right? He would just be bending down to pick up the ring of the king. Wouldn't that be okay?

His life would be spared. He would be able to continue living! Should he do it? Would he do it?


The child, this pure, little innocent child did not give in. He did not grab on to his last hope for life. He saw a loophole-an opportunity to do something just a teeny bit wrong but a little right at the same time. And he didn't give in.

How many times in life are we open to loopholes? How many times do we see a way out and we run?

Can we remain strong? Stick to our convictions? Stick to what's right and do it even when it's hard?

Just something to think about...and a powerful lesson to take from a little child who gave up his life so as not to do the wrong thing...even when there was such an easy way out.

Such strength.

Such rock-solid emunah he must have had to be able to withstand a split-second test.

I am jealous of his mother.

Not for what she had to go through...but for the chinuch she gave her children so they were able to withstand such an incredible test. Each and every one of them was able to overcome it.

May you be able to stay strong and do what is right...even when there's a way to escape...even when no one will know.

Because Hashem Above always knows. He sees the deepest parts of your heart...that no one else will know about. He understands your challenges and your struggles.

May you always be able to stick to doing what is right.


  1. This post is absolutely beautiful & both heartwarming and heartbreaking.
    SO true that what is most impressive is the chinuch that Chana, the tzadeket, gave her sons.

    What a challenge it is these days to instill such Yirat Shamayim in anyone, let alone our children. So many people say "the most important thing is that my child should be happy" or "the most important thing is that my child should be healthy".
    While those things are very important, they are NOT the most important. The most important thing is that the child should have Yirat Shamayim. All that is good follows with Yirat Shamayim - THEN the child will be a mentsch with good middot.

    May we be zoche to banim u'banot tzadikim u'tzadikot who will always be on the right path of Torah & mitzvoth and do a true Kiddush HaShem in this world.

  2. SG-Thank you for your comment.
    While I do agree that it is truly important for a child to have Yiras Shamayim and it is the job of the parent to instill that into the heart of their child, I would be hesitant to agree with the fact that a happy and healthy child isn't just as important. What does Yiras Shamayim help if a child is not healthy and is stuck in a hospital bed unable to move?

    I don't think we can make proper lists because everyone judges based on their own life experiences, but I would say that health goes together with Yiras Shamayim. If a child is healthy and able to do the mitzvos, then there is value in them becoming a mentch and having good middos. Health is a first. AND that is not in our hands. So let's do our part and ask Hashem to do His. :)

    May Hashem bless us all with healthy family members, healthy children and the ability to instill proper values into the hearts of those close to us-even in this crazy world we live in!


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