Sunday, September 29, 2013

After Succos

Succos-it’s over
It passed
But it shouldn’t really be over
It should be something that passes us by
It should be something
Something we internalize
Something we grow from
So many special days
So many days of connection
Of family time
Of shul time (for some)
Of home time (for others)
Of taking care of kids (for me!)
Of enjoying our families

But somewhere in middle of those days
Did some inspiration creep in?
Are we closer to Hashem now?
Did we learn to rely on Him more
Did the sukkah teach us
Just how dependent we are on Him?
Did we breathe in the cool (warm) air
While we were outside?
And let the emunah seep into our bones
While we felt the wind blowing softly?
While we felt the sun shining down on us?
Felt Hashem’s love
Felt Him taking care of us?

Did we let the hashpa’os of succos
Enter our souls?
Are we more connected now?
Are we more aware now?
Of how much He does for us?
How much we need Him in our lives?
Of how we want to be better?
Different, maybe?

So many days
Yamim Nora’im
Awesome days
Days of closeness-perhaps
Days of connection-hopefully
Days of introspection-sometimes
Busy days-for sure
What do we come out with
When we are done?

There’s a lot more to Simchas Torah
Than dancing just for fun
(Or watching the men run
Round and round
Clapping to the happy sounds)
Torah-it’s our life
It’s the way we want to live
It’s the goals we aspire to
And so, so much more
(No way to fit it here
That’s for sure!)

Watching people who immerse themselves
In our holy books
Their faces look
So happy
So shining
So joyful
That living a life of Torah
Following our Torah
Brings so much joy
(And sometimes pain)
Yet there’s so much to gain
When we follow the right way.

May we all be able to
These messages
Grow from these days
Instead of just letting these days pass
Like a thing of the past

We made it through
Yes we did it-
Three 3-day yomim tovim
It may have been tough
We may have thought-enough!
Enough food
Enough noise
Enough messes
Enough toys

There is something special to take
From these days
And if we take something special
For ourselves
In our hearts
From these days
We will know
We did
What we were supposed to
We grew
And that’s what we’re here for.
Every day.
At every moment in our lives.
May this year be filled
With many opportunities for growth.

Keep climbing!

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  1. Wow Devoiry, SO beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!! A great way to come out of yomtov and get back into routine with having these thoughts in mind!! and still holding on!!! :)


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