Friday, November 30, 2012

They're Back!

As I rounded the corner yesterday, I was quite shocked to see four red balloons flying in the wind. Yes, the balloons I just wrote about are back!

My kids were ecstatic. My son's face was shining, lit up with the biggest smile you could ever imagine. The balloons they were hoping to see...for so long...they were back! I even circled the block so they could see the balloons a second time because my daughter didn't get a good enough look at them the first time round.

My kids talked about them the whole way home.

For me, this had a whole different meaning.

I took this as a small message, a personal love note from my Father Above, saying to me...Don't give up hope. Just like the balloons you've been waiting to see are back, the day you are waiting for will come. Hang in there.

Thank you Hashem, for the message of hope.

May you all be able to continue holding on through the tough times, using them to come out stronger. And may your deepest desires and things you've been hoping for come true in the best possible way.

Good Shabbos.


  1. Thank you for that message. It's beautiful - thank you.

    1. oh wow! good for you! i love those (little?) hugs from hashem that reminds us that he's here for us and that he is the one in charge! and i love your blog! (i can say both, over and over again!)

  2. I noticed that you removed your last post, My Little World. I loved that post. It really spoke to me. Why did you remove it?

  3. When I saw this post, I really got excited - yay! The balloons are back! Thank you for sharing about this, it really brought simcha to my day.


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